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New Wish-A-Littles from Kidada Jones Unveiled at D23

The first day at the D23 Expo brought a lot of new and buzz-worthy merchandise to the table, including four adorable new additions of Wish-A-Littles to the exclusive Charming Collection. Designed by celebrity Kidada Jones, the new Ariel, Alice, Jasmine, and Tinker Bell figurines are quite cute! Each of the mini-dolls is designed in an unconventional fashion, as Kidada attempted to really capture the essence and personality of the lovable characters. Enclosed with each of the dolls is a unique charm necklace that is inspired by their story, making for a very personal and valuable collectable!

The Charming Collection itself was launched this summer, and includes jewelry, apparel, and limited edition Kidada vinylmation. You can check out the whole series at select Disney Stores locations and online. I have to add, I did see the Ariel doll and it was SO CUTE! There was a giant blow-up version stationed in between booths, which definitely made for a great photo op. These charming little characters are worth checking out for vinylmation collectors and Disney fans alike!

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