Hong Kong Disneyland Expansion Update

Youtube user Michael20183 is back with another train ride around the expansion area of Hong Kong Disneyland. Each of the three mini-lands, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point, and Toy Story Land, will add much needed new attractions to the smallest of the Magic Kingdom style theme parks. Looks like the Toy Story section could be opening sometime this year or early next.

I am looking forward to more updates from Michael, he’s promised one in about two weeks.

Meanwhile, I also find it interesting that Bob Iger has acknowledged that building a ‘Disneyland’ in China, where there was only limited familiarity with the Disney characters and Disney stories, was a mistake. The next park, Shanghai Disney, will feature more stories and attractions built on Chinese legends and stories and a theme park layout that resembles Disney’s Animal Kingdom more than a Magic Kingdom style park. Apparently the Chinese guest has no idea what Main Street USA is and doesn’t like being forced to walk through shops in order to get to the good stuff. At Shanghai Disney they’ll pass through a garden oasis instead. That sounds like a slice of heaven to me.

7 thoughts on “Hong Kong Disneyland Expansion Update”

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  2. When are they going to build Disneyland: Brazil? Now that’s an expansion I could get behind! The demand is clearly there.

    1. Well, Mark, the WDC do have plans for a Disneyland in Brazil – in Rio de Janeiro to be precise. I mean, they have think and probably did some study about it, but no decision has been taken as they work on Shanghaî right now. I don’t think any announcement of a South America Disney theme park will come soon but if there is one you can be sure it will be in Brazil and in Rio.

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  4. Not really, John, there won’t be any Main Street indeed, but there might be something else, a kind of different “street”…(nuff’ said for now!)

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