Meet Kevin Feige, Marvel’s John Lasseter.

John Lasseter is a significant part of the creative force behind Pixar. Disney’s purchase of Pixar was in large degree because they wanted to import Lasseter’s talent to other Disney divisions. Disney’s purchase of Marvel had a similar personality involved – Kevin Feige

Kevin Feige is the fan in chief for Marvel Studios. He’s at the center of the resurgence of superhero movies earning over $4.8 billion for Marvel. Right now he’s focused on creating a series of movies that all occupy a shared universe (an idea created by the great Stan Lee for Marvel) and, hopefully, a greater box office.

Thor was a success, Captain America is on the right track, and The Avengers promises to be the biggest box office so far. Like Pixar, Marvel Studios will continue to operate almost independently. Disney Corporate will continue to keep an eye open for franchise and promotion opportunities.

The NY Times has a profile on Kevin Feige which should serve Disney fans as a good introduction to someone who is likely to be a part of the company for a long time. I particularly like how Feige is a Disney fan too, preferring to vacation at Disney World just like us. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t already consulting with Imagineering on some Marvel themed additions to Disney’s parks and resorts.

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