What Disney got Right, and Wrong, with the Disney Dream

There was news this week that Disney’s 3rd ship in its cruise line fleet, the Disney Dream, has been sailing to near sellouts since its launch in January with an average of 3,800 passengers a sailing on a ship capable of holding 4,000. That’s good news for Disney Cruise Lines which has a second 4,000 passenger ship, The Disney Fantasy, coming soon.

Obviously Disney is doing something right, but there is likely some room for improvements. Doobie editor at LaughingPlace.com chimes in with 10 things Disney got right with the Disney Dream. Doobie and his family have been on a number of Disney cruises and makes some good points.

Have you sailed on the Disney Dream? What did you like or dislike?

7 thoughts on “What Disney got Right, and Wrong, with the Disney Dream”

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  2. My family sailed on the Disney Dream this past March for me and my son’s birthdays. We were amazed at the number of things that were still not completed while we were on the ship. There were missing glass panels on the crew levels, the lights in the Enchanted Garden restaurant were not blooming as they were supposed to throughout dinner and they didn’t offer the same nice replica magnets of the ship that they’ve offered on ALL other cruises. We have a replica ship magnet on our refrigerator for every ship we’ve travelled on and I am stunned that the cheapest looking one is the most expensive cruise we went on.

    That being said, there was a lot of NEW additions to the ship that were not covered in everything I read about the ship…like the interactive paintings and the detective games that kept the kids busy during times there wasn’t something going on.

    One other complaint….being on past Disney cruises, my kids have grown accustomed to the Kids Club Graduation Ceremony that has been part of the other cruises and really made them have that Disney-like exceptional treatment. They decided to do away with that with their new ship and that’s like taking away the fireworks from the end of a day at the Magic Kingdom. When you come to expect it and there doesn’t seem to be a good reason for removing it (being rained out), it really leaves you feeling like you didn’t get that same Disney experience.

    All in all, we enjoyed our Disney cruise on the Dream….but I think we’ll save our money and just do the normal cruises with our kids from here on out. At least on those non-Disney ships, the expectations are much lower and therefore much easier to be exceeded.

  3. Big mistake – putting the basketball court above Palo. We did the brunch at Palo listening to balls being bounced nonstop. Ruins the atmosphere they are trying to achieve.

    Same big shows for the most part. They need to come up with different show for different ships for those (and I’m sure there are many of us) that have sailed on the other ships, many times more than once.

    Adult activities are lacking. I’ve done the adults-only area on the Wonder, and had a fantastic time. In March on the Dream, I felt that there was very little for my husband and I to do that wasn’t aimed at dancing and drinking, neither of which we do.

    In addition,overall we found the planned activities to be lacking in general, and what there was wasn’t as good or as fun as those on the Wonder.

    In restaurants, the princess restaurant off the atrium – the princesses and princes went around visiting tables, but stayed in the center hub, never once getting around to the outer circle of tables. If they are going to do that, then they need to have enough to get to everyone. My 8 year old daughter would have liked to have been able to see them stop at our table as well, instead of seeing them from afar.

    Having said all that, we love the Dream. It’s a beautiful ship! And we are booked on the new ship already. :-)

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  5. Cheryl Perlmutter

    One wrong thing is how the cruise line deals with allergies. Sometimes it is good and sometimes awful.

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