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Mickey and Minnie dressed up for Alaskan Weather aboard Disney Wonder

As the Disney Wonder enjoys its first tours of Alaska, guests are reporting back that the views are spectacular. However, since it can get cold and rainy the usual sunbathing activity is a bit diminished. To compensate for the ship’s busier interior, Disney is holding more events and more character meet and greets. They’ve even provided Mickey, Minnie, and the gang with their own Alaskan attire.

Mickey Mouse appears to be ready for a guest shot on Deadliest Catch. Since fishing is one of Alaska’s main industries that makes sense.

Minnie is dressed a bit more appropriately for the cool weather. She looks ready to venture out on an excursion to see Alaska’s wildlife.

If you have an expertly timed finger, you can pause the time-lapse video from earlier this week to get a glimpse of Goofy’s cool weather gear.

10 thoughts on “Mickey and Minnie dressed up for Alaskan Weather aboard Disney Wonder”

  1. My family of four just took the Alaskan cruise aboard the beautiful Disney Wonder (got home on June 14th). It was a great vacation. We’ve already booked another cruise, but it’s a year and a half away- a December 2012 trip to the Mexican Riviera. The cruises in Mexico are considerably cheaper if that helps with the budget.

    The cheapest way to cruise on DCL seems to be the rare transatlantic crossings they do- where they have often offered 14 night cruises to or from Europe in an inside stateroom for well under $1000 per person, including all meals of course. I’d love to take that cruise someday.

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