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Club Penguin Forgets to Renew Domain Name, Oops

According to The Inquisitr, Disney’s child oriented MMORG Club Penguin went off the web on Monday after the company failed to renew the game’s domain name. The site stayed live for about a week after it expired, but then was taken off line for about 4 hours on Monday until Disney’s management team figured out what had occurred.

This sort of oversight is unfortunately pretty common online. However, when you pay $325 million for a company, you expect them to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s, that includes choosing a domain host that allows recurring billing or paying ahead a couple dozen years or so. Might be time for an internal review of all domains if you ask me.

(Actually, now that ICANN has approved custom .TLD’s I suspect it won’t be too long before we get .dis or .disney domains)

10 thoughts on “Club Penguin Forgets to Renew Domain Name, Oops”

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  5. Not able to get on Club Penguin. Will I lose my membership, inventory, puffles and igloo?
    When can I get on Club Penguin?
    I love, love Club Penguin.

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  8. My cast member friend was unable to reach the HUB or a few disney sites as well a few days ago. Chrome was warning of an invalid certificate. Similar things?

  9. I still cant get on clubpenguin, Heres the thing. I was on monday and it worked fine for me but now since they HAVE renewed it, I still cant log on. It wont take me past the page where you click start. Its really bugging me. Im attatched to my penguins! Will I be able to get back on? Or will it be gone? :( Im anxious!

  10. Wow, they were lucky no one picked it up and parked it…I wonder how much Disney would have been willing to pay to get it back…

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