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Harvard Business Review interviews Disney CEO Bob Iger

The latest Harvard Business Review Ideacast features excerpts from a wide ranging interview with Disney CEO Bob Iger. It’s very rare for Bob to drop his CEO personality, but there are a few moments in this interview where I felt we were seeing the real Bob. He’ll never be the sweater wearing grandfather figure that Walt Disney portrayed in public, but he really has come into his own as the CEO of the world’s largest entertainment brand.

The interview was very interesting and topics ranged from the lessons Bob learns from failure (he’s quick to move passed it and would rather reward failure when a creative risk is taken then risk mediocrity), to where the company is going with Mickey Mouse (they want to return him to the impish, rebellious character he was originally instead of the milquetoast corporate spokesperson he had become), to how he handled the transition from the down time of Eisner’s last few years to a company that came to believe in itself again.

You can download the HBR IdeaCast on iTunes or find it using Google Listen on your smartphone. The interview will also be published in the next issue of the HBR.

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