Videopolis – Welcome to a World Where Dreams Come True

Something a little different for today’s Videopolis. This is an original song composed by Tedd Rodman inspired by taking his family to Walt Disney World. If you subscribe to some of the online Disney fan run radio stations or podcasts you may have heard it. Tedd presents it here with a little slideshow of pics from his family vacation:

What do you think? Pretty good, huh!

5 thoughts on “Videopolis – Welcome to a World Where Dreams Come True”

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  3. aw, so sweet. I know that Cinderella, by the way. I’ll have to send her the link to the song!

  4. This is really good!! I have been to Disney World several times, it is a world all its own. In this video I feel that Mr. Rodman captures the excitement and magic that Disney World brings to it’s guests. The music, lyrics and the pictures of the children on their Disney vacation~~just awesome. It’s a song I would love hearing on the Disney grounds, from the hotels & restaurants to the parks & everywhere inbetween!! You seem to be a talented man Mr. Rodman, this is good!!!

  5. michelle lambiase

    Tedd, this was amazing……..can’t wait to go back !! love the song…you captured it all perfectly…

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