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Disneyland and Disney World Raise Prices effective June 12th

It’s getting to be a habit. About once or twice a year Disneyland and Walt Disney World raise admission prices for their theme parks. Why? Because they can, of course. The parks are busy with many weeks approaching capacity. This year’s price hikes come a bit earlier than usual (it’s typically in August and January), but the fact that it is happening shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

The Official Disney Parks Blog has created specific pages for the new Walt Disney World and Disneyland prices. They go into effect June 12th. So you can still take advantage of the current low prices tomorrow saving up to 11% if you buy a 7-day Magic Your Way ticket.

If you look at the percentage increase chart for WDW prices that the Orlando Sentinel created, you can see that the lowest increases were for the Resident APs. I think that’s a clear sign that Disney expects more traffic to come from ‘locals’ in Florida and they want to push people to buy the AP, which will encourage them to come back and spend more in the parks throughout the year, instead of just the 3 or 4 day ticket they might otherwise get.

A one day ticket is now $85, but if you buy tickets as part of the Magic You Way program, you can get the price for one day down to $30 a day (or $51 if you add the non-expiring option). You’ll definitely want to check out the charts Disney provided to see which option suits your needs best.

If you visit the parks 5 days over your vacation, you’re paying something more like $50 a day. Which is a great deal for 10-16 hours of entertainment. That compares to 5 movies in a row or one day at NASCAR (in the cheapseats). Insert your own value here.

So, what do you think? Have the prices finally been raised beyond what’s reasonable? Or are we still getting a good deal at Disney theme parks?

11 thoughts on “Disneyland and Disney World Raise Prices effective June 12th”

  1. I think prices are far beyond reason since the last increase.
    Disney will always get customers. That’s enough profit for the money spent on refurbs and such. Not to mention the food, weddings, hotels, and merchandise. People will buy.
    With price increase, it’s less likely that FL residents will even go to Disney now. Other states are still going. But with Florida’s economy, it’s less likely.
    It took my friends and I about half a year to pay for our inidividual resident tickets and we were better off than other folks down in S. FL.

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  4. It is a bit nuts for one person to pay this! For ‘daily’ tickets it is insane!
    That being said, living in NJ I would NEVER buy just a one day ticket. Problem I have is this compounded with the rates for the rooms (now almost 150/night) even in a Magic package. All things considered though, if you book a 7 to 10 day vacation, it really isn’t horrible…I’m torn…one thing you do not do is raise prices during s particularly bad economy. I wonder how many incentives Disney will now throw out there for Floridians (something tells me that the discounts may not be over yet)

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  6. I was just down there this week and I’ve noticed small decreases in quality and cleanliness at the parks. I doubt this increase will help that at all. I’m sure we’re just paying for Fantasyland.

  7. They need to stem the tide of price increase. It’s to the point where I can’t convince my non DisnyFan friends to go ever anymore. Jim Hill has said they use Broadway ticket prices as their comparison…. Which really makes no sense. Sure. Broadway ticket is expensive, but who goes to NY and sees a show 5 to 7 nights in a row? It’s a down economy, win the OF battle by not raising prices until it turns around…..

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  11. Love Disney, but with this economy, by the time I make it to Orlando as a Florida Resident I have spent a great deal in gas and tolls, there is no more going on weekends, you can easily spend over $700 in 2 days, I go an average of 3-5 times a year, have spent loads there, no benefits for frequent customers, no teacher discounts, as a teacher I can’t afford this anymore, see you much later Mickey, not planning to visit this year!

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