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Imagination Movers not renewed for 4th season has a poignant wrap up of the production for Disney’s Imagination Movers show on the Disney Channel. It was not renewed for the 4th season; ending after 75 episodes and a concert special. There are apparently a few un-aired episodes in the can, plus re-runs, and the ‘videos’ from the show will return in various formats. So the Imagination Movers won’t completely disappear right away.

The episodes were filmed in the New Orleans area employing around 100 people in the production. Sadly, those jobs are gone. The band, which existed before being picked up by Disney, plans to continue touring.

While not exactly the Wiggles, but I thought Imaginations Movers was a great show for the Disney Channel and am sorry to see it go.

17 thoughts on “Imagination Movers not renewed for 4th season”

  1. My twins, who are 4, really liked the show, although thier favorite part was Warehouse Mouse. It was pretty cute and I’m sad to see it go.

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  9. This is very upsetting. My daughter loves this show, and it’s one of the rare kid shows I don’t mind watching with her. Glad to read they will be touring, I’ll definitely have to take her to one of their shows.

  10. My great-nephew loves this show…it is such a shame that it was not renewed…would be nice to see something besides the endless cartoons.

  11. Well, this is disappointing news. My daughter loves them & it is the only show that is running during the Disney Jr lineup that is not a cartoon – which was a nice break from the norm. I am glad to see they will be touring as their concert was great.

  12. I just hate to see the Imagination Movers go, I really am sadly going to miss it so much. I will not let them take my beloved Imagination Movers away from me because I love them so much that I really am looking forward to meeting the Imagination Movers in person. Imagination Movers You Are Not Alone I am here with you and I’m here to stay with you forever. I really do love you Imagination Movers I really do for the rest of my life. I am so madly in love with Mover Scott because I do not want him leave me either because I am a huge fan of Mover Scott. I have a crush on Imagination Mover Scott. You Rock My World Imagination Movers!!! Mover Scott you also rock my world too.
    Your Beloved Fan

  13. My two girls are aged 5 and 3 and they absolutley love the Movers. They will be very sad to see them go. They sing and dance along to all the shows, they even sing the songs when they’re not watching them on TV.

    A brilliant show, thoroughly entertaining and educational too!

    Will be missed.

  14. You will be missed forever by all of your fan’s Imagination Mover’s I will alway’s watch you and listen to your music forever and your music will alway’s stay in my head. I really want you to stay in my life forever. You Are Not Alone Imagination Mover’s I want you to stay inside of my head forever. I want you to believe that Michael Jackson is really alive that is why I want you to trust in me about doing this for the King Of Pop MJ. Believe me I really want you to do this with me. I love you forever Imagination Mover’s I really want to meet you in person because I am looking forward to meeting you Imagination Movers. I want to meet my dream man Mover Scott in person because I am madly so in love with Mover Scott because he is so cute and I really do love Mover Scott. I do not want Mover Scott to leave me because I really do love him so much.

  15. I am so sad to see that the Imagination Movers won’t be renewed!!! My family loves that show!!! I’m really surprised that they will get rid of a good show but keep others that are simply awful like Fish Hooks. I haven’t seen that other awful show Timmy Time in a while. Now that one was worth canceling! I wish we could bring back the movers!!!

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