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Announcing Magic Pursuit – May 22nd – Compete for Free

Yearning to play the D23 Scavenger Hunt game but didn’t want to plop down the $100+ registration fee per team? Not to worry. We’ve got an alternative! In fact, it’s coming to you as a grassroots push from three different Disney bloggers: myself, Shane Lindsay at, and John Frost at Together we’ve built for you a Disney-style, unofficial scavenger hunt game. And the registration is a crowd-pleasing zero dollars per team (and yes, those that did play the D23 game can register for this one, too!)

That’s right—it’s free! If you’ve been a reader for a while, you’ve seen me advertise these games before, under various names. The newest game keeps the old name: Magic Pursuit. You can read about the history of these games, and download samples of old games, at

In a nutshell, expect a series of puzzles and scavenger hunts. You don’t need to know any Disney trivia to do well, though it will help to know the park. In this case, we’ll be in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Here are the full details:

Date: May 22
Time: 4pm-7pm
Location: Studio Catering Company (outdoor restaurant near HISTA playset
Cost: Free (use your own admission to the park)
Teams: 2-4 people per team
Registration: email [email protected] by May 20 with the names of the members of your team. Also, we need the number of a cell phone that can receive text messages (maximum ten at this event).

There will be a social media component to the game (and an old-fashioned analog workaround, for those without advanced technology), but let’s not overstress that for the moment. Let’s just instead focus on how fun it will be!

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