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Lady Gaga meets the Evil Queen at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Lady Gaga meets the Evil Queen at the Magic Kingcom

Little Monsters prepare, the worlds of Lady Gaga and Walt Disney World collided after the Mistress of Magical Performances took time to visit the Magic Kingdom following a tour stop in Orlando. Above, Grammy Award-winning singer Lady Gaga poses April 16, 2011 with the Evil Queen from Disney’s classic animated film “Snow White”.

Gotta love that get-up, especially those boots. Perfect for a day marching around the Magic Kingdom, don’t you think. Btw, Lady Gaga wears shades due to an eye condition. This was shot in the new Town Square Theater where you can currently find the Disney Princesses, although it looks like the Evil Queen fits in just fine. Perhaps she’ll become a regular addition. (Photo courtesy Disney. Todd Anderson, photographer)