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Vintage Disneyland Photos and the Great Lights on Main Street Myth

Back in the mid to late 90s when I practically lived at Disneyland, it was common for Disney fans to complain about how many light bulbs were burnt out on Main Street. We saw it as a sign that current park management wasn’t living up to Walt’s standards for the park. After all, didn’t Walt have a policy that all burned out bulbs be replaced at 80% of life expectancy so that there would never be a dimmed light in the park?

Well, not so much. Thanks to some great vintage Disneyland photos uploaded to Flickr, we have this photograph of the Main Street Train Station with a number of lights expired. It also has some fun Christmas ornaments attached to the roof, but that’s a different post.

195x.xx.xx Main Street Station, Main Street USA, Disneyland, 1313 South Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim, California, USA
(via Flickr creative commons user Wishbook)

See! There are also some more pictures from later in the collection with burnt out bulbs. Now let’s put the myth of the 80% light bulb replacement to rest. Even during the prime of the Disneyland’s life, Walt wasn’t so particular as to demand that level of attention to detail. I’m sure he was erked by the burned out bulbs, but the park had a budget and a maintenance plan, just like today.

(Hat tip for the photos

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