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TRON: Next

So multiple sources are reporting that Disney has greenlit a script for a Tron: Legacy Sequel. This would be the 2nd or 3rd film in the series, depending on if you count the first film (and I think you should). Although I’m sure they are no where near deciding on a name for the film, I humbly submit TRON: Next. It could feature the gang getting lost in Steve Jobs attic. :)

Okay. Maybe not.

TRON: Legacy cost $320M to produce and market, yet the film and only grossed $398M world wide. So it wasn’t exactly a huge money maker for the mouse in theaters. However, the toy sales have been outstanding and DVD sales are expected to be good (even though Tangled is currently outselling TRON). So let’s say Disney is following the Cars model on this. Produce a sequel with the goal of selling more cool toys. Are you down with that?

5 thoughts on “TRON: Next”

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  2. I’m not quite down with that but it seems it is the new strategy of the Disney Studios : creating franchises.
    Maybe Tron Legacy wasn’t a big success in the theater but they will for sure get their money back with licensed products, the ads aired with the new tv series, Electronica etc
    Anyway… I quite enjoyed the movie so I’m not the one who will complain about a sequel ^^

  3. Visually I thought that was an incredibly well made film. The plot had some holes, and I’m not sure younger kids could actually follow what was going on. But it sure was a fun movie to watch.

    As far as making money off toys, here’s an idea. Instead of segway tours around Epcot, perhaps Disney could do Tron motorcylce tours. I’d pay to ride on a big toy like that :)

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  5. I think that it is amazing news that a new Tron movie has just been green lit! I just talked with Cindy Morgan from the original movie yesterday at a Sci Fi Con. in Omaha, NE. She needs to be shown consideration for the third film. She wasn’t in Legacy and she really was a part of the original cast. She is dedicated to getting heard by her fans. This is the best place to post this since it is the Disney Blog. Please consider this request. Cindy Morgan is a great actress and she should not be left out of anything from the third movie. If at all possible she can be in the new movie, make it so!
    Thanks for reading and maybe you’ll hear from me again.

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