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Morning Report – Wednesday Wishes Come True

Time to close some open tabs:

  • The Walt Disney Family Museum’s blog has a story about Tony Walton who worked on sets and costumes on Mary Poppins. It was a good read and I learned a couple new things.
  • The Save Pleasure Island blog has not abandoned its post and continues to report on design developments for Hyperion Wharf. A lot of fanboys are upset at some of the most recent revelations. But I think Disney has a larger plan for that grassy knoll.
  • The Disney Gossip blog reports on a rumor that Zazu and Iago have been kicked to the curb at the Magic Kingdom’s Enchanted Tiki Room and that a more classic show will be returning. We can only hope.
  • MouseSteps looks at new Cars 2 and Winnie the Pooh previews up in Disney’s Hollywood Studios Animation Building. I love that Disney does this.
  • Speaking of Cars, Pixar and Disney are being sued by a writer who claims that the idea for the movie franchise was his. Good luck with that.
  • It’s been too long since I linked to Paul F. Anderson’s Disney History Institute. But this article on Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse and DeMolay is a must read for Disney history buffs.

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