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Disney Company releases 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report

The Walt Disney Company just released the 2010 Corporate Citizenship report. This is the second year Disney has released the publication that details Disney’s progress on environmental and social impacts, and includes the company’s first set of comprehensive citizenship commitments and goals, aligned around three core principles:

  • Act and create in an ethical manner and consider the consequences of our decisions
  • Champion the happiness and well-being of kids, parents and families in our endeavors
  • Inspire kids, parents, employees, and communities to make a lasting, positive change in the world

“Being a respected global citizen isn’t just good for our employees and the communities in which we operate, it is critical to the growth and success of our business,” said Robert A. Iger, Disney President and CEO. “Our next step is to build upon our existing programs and initiatives by clarifying our commitments and expanding our efforts to track and measure our progress.”

Highlights of the 2010 Report include:

  • Announcement of a comprehensive set of commitments and metrics that address Disney’s worldwide business impacts and opportunities.
  • Global expansion of programs aimed at inspiring kids, parents, and communities to make a difference in the world. Disney Friends for Change, now in 19 countries, has rallied 2.5 million kids to take pledges for the environment. Disney Magic of Healthy Living, launched in September, partners with parents and kids to make healthy choices simple and fun.
  • Investment of $15.5 million in carbon offset projects around the world as part of Disney’s Climate Solutions Fund, the Company’s internal carbon pricing program.
  • Release of Disney’s Human Rights Policy Statement, with the aim of more clearly articulating the Company’s commitment to respecting human rights.
  • Detailed data and progress updates on Disney’s supply chain and environmental footprint
  • Corporate charitable contributions of $198 million, and more than 548,000 hours of VoluntEAR service contributed by Disney employees.

The interactive multimedia report, now available online at, includes comprehensive coverage of eight key areas: family entertainment, inspiring kids and communities, nature conservation, environment, community, workplaces, supply chain, and human rights. An interactive map provides insights into Disney’s activities around the world. The report follows the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

The citizenship report anchors a broader suite of publications. Six additional reports provide information on local impacts of our Parks & Resorts segment.

All in all, Disney does a lot of good for a company its size. I’m glad to see them publicizing it a bit. What grade do you give Disney?

3 thoughts on “Disney Company releases 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report”

  1. One major thing Disney could do is commit to the Seafood Watch recommendations for sustainable seafood. The Monterey Bay Aquarium publishes a comprehensive list of seafood that is environmentally sustainable. It is well within Disney’s power to eliminate all seafood from its menus that is environmentally harmful, as there are plenty of good, sustainable alternatives.

    As it is now, they have an awful lot of things on their menus that are on the Red list, most notably farmed salmon, which is truly awful for the environment. Fortunately, wild-caught Alaskan salmon is sustainable. Disney should be responsible and make the switch.

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