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Disney resumes some activity in Japan

The Walt Disney Company announced that it will be returning some operations to Japan for administrative and Disney Store roles. This is seen as the first move to resume film, themepark, and store operations. No word on when the Disney Stores themselves will re-open, and no word from Tokyo Disney Resort’s operator OLC on when the parks and resorts will opening either.

OLC has confirmed that there was only superficial damage to the theme parks with the heaviest impact being the flat parking lot used mainly by tour buses over by Tokyo Disney Sea. However, with power still fluctuating and transportation issues in the surrounding community, they will keep the parks closed for at least a few more days. The international cast that was sent home is still away as well. Looks like this could stretch on for at least another week.

The news from the Fukushima Nuclear plant continues to totter on the edge of a much larger disaster. Even though there are more signs that radiation has spread farther than previously announced, it is smaller levels that could reach Tokyo at some point. I almost think it’s important to just get the exposure out of the way, so the people can deal with it and life can start a return to normal.

What is true, is that Japan will recover and Tokyo Disneyland, The Disney Stores, and Disney films will play a small part in that by providing entertainment, comfort, and laughs for a community that has seen precious few of the above for over a week. Let’s hope that stage comes sooner rather than later.

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