Dancing with the Stars: Season 12 Premiere!

Hang onto your sparkle shoes, because Dancing with the Stars is back! I’ve been looking forward to this season, because the cast looks so promising. No politicians, no one particularly controversial, just good ol’ fashioned DWTS. And what a season opener it was!

Chelsea and Mark
Dance: Foxtrot
Verdict: Paging the Adorable Police! Chelsea danced like this was already week six or something – she has a natural talent and a ton of potential. This was a charming, wonderful start to the season.
Carrie Ann: “Youthful and elegant, but watch your shoulders” – 7
Len: “A lovely, fresh routine” – 7
Bruno: “Pure afterglow” – 7

Wendy and Tony
Dance: Cha Cha
Verdict: For someone with such a big personality, Wendy danced… small. She looked lost at some points, and awkward at others. I think a lot of her shortcomings can be chalked up to nerves, and hopefully she’ll do better next week.
Carrie Ann: “You need to unleash the beast.” – 5
Len: “You have to bring your personality out onto the floor, and you didn’t.” – 4
Bruno: “Technique can improve, but you have to deliver a performance.” -5

Hines and Kym
Dance: Cha Cha
Verdict: Well hey now, we got ourselves a competition! Hines has some serious musicality, even if he looks a little dorky at times. He has the charm, he has the swagger, and he has the right partner. He could be a contender!
Carrie Ann: “Your smile lights up the whole stage.” – 7
Len: “You continue the tradition of footballers being able to dance.” – 7
Bruno: “So nimble, so light footed.” – 7

Petra and Dmitry
Dance: Foxtrot
Verdict: Edyta, is that you? Petra, like many of the models who graced the ballroom before her, looks a little stiff in the upper body. And sure, she could be more graceful. But she gets a pass this week because of her eloquence when discussing the Japan tragedy, plus: you won’t find a more gorgeous gal on the dance floor.
Carrie Ann: “You bring this natural grace that seems to come from inside you.” – 6
Len: “I’d like you to work on your posture.”- 6
Bruno: “It’s not enough to do one pretty thing, then another pretty thing. It’s the middle that’s magic.” – 6

Romeo and Chelsie
Dance: Cha Cha
Verdict: Not bad. I think Romeo is one of those contestants who can grow over the course of a season. Technique went out the window here, but it was a fun dance and a solid performance.
Carrie Ann: “You had a few little missteps, but I see tons of potential here.” –  7
Len: “One thing’s for sure, you have plenty of energy.” – 6
Bruno: “Wherefore art thou Romeo? So vibrant , so playful, so energetic.” – 6

Sugar Ray and Anna
Dance: Foxtrot
Verdict: Who knew? There’s a dancer in Sugar Ray just waiting to come out. Technical hiccups aside, this was a fun, flirty foxtrot. And when he busts out that smile … watch out, Tony! Definitely another couple to watch this season.
Carrie Ann: “You’re obviously going to be a fan favorite […] but posture, posture, posture.” – 6
Len: “Foxtrot is fine wine and caviar. This was beer and a pizza.” – 5
Bruno: “Can I call you Sugah? Out of hold, Sugar and spice and everything nice. In hold, you turn into a Ninja Turtle.” – 6

Kendra and Louis
Dance: Cha Cha
Verdict: Ohhhh, Kendra. Remember Holly Madison? It wasn’t that bad. But her dancing verged on out of control, even tripping poor Louis at one point. And on top of the flailing, Kendra was pulling some crazy faces. I think this is known as “terrorizing the ballroom.”
Carrie Ann: “That was hard, ambitious choreography.” – 6
Len: “You held my interest from start to finish, but not always for the right reasons.” – 6
Bruno: “You can definitely strut your stuff […] but it’s not clean.” -6

The Karate Kid and Karina
Dance: Foxtrot
Verdict: First – what Fountain of Youth is Ralph Macchio drinking from? 49?! Geez. Second, I think I have a crush on him. Third – are you kidding me? He’s amazing! I don’t know about you guys, but I did NOT see this coming. I thought he was this season’s novelty act, when I think he’s going to be this season’s Donny Osmond. Wow.
Carrie Ann: “That was an amazing surprise – that was truly gorgeous.” – 8
Len: “It’s the best foxtrot tonight.” – 8
Bruno: “Great showmanship.” – 8

Chris and Cheryl
Dance: Cha Cha
Verdict: Okay – I like Chris, but this was not good. He looked like a big gorilla clomping around the dance floor. He has the personality down, but getting his technique up to par is going to be a challenge for Cheryl.
Carrie Ann: “I think you need to put a little more content in your dances.” – 7
Len: “I think your hips are allergic to music.” – 6
Bruno: “At times messy, but always entertaining.” – 6

Mike and Lacey
Dance: Foxtrot
Verdict: When Mike said he wasn’t a dancer, he wasn’t kidding. He is borderline Billy Ray Cyrus-like in his uncomfortableness.
Carrie Ann: “The foxtrot is very smooth, so it was noticeable how jerky you were.” – 5
Len: “Dancing is moving and music. There was movement, and there was music.” – 4
Bruno: “It was uncoordinated […] you look like you were constipated.” – 4

Kirstie and Maks
Dance: Cha Cha
Verdict: Another surprise! I honestly expected Kirstie to be something of a trainwreck – but instead, she turned out a fun, sassy cha cha, complete with solid technique! Plus, I think she can keep Maks in line. I can’t wait to watch this partnership develop over the course of the season.
Carrie Ann: “It was unbelievable.” – 8
Len: “The cha cha has a feel-good factor, and it made me feel good.” – 7
Bruno: “I think we’re just scratching at the surface of what you can do.” – 8

No results show tomorrow night, so we’re left to speculate among ourselves for a whole week. But, this season is already a zillion times better than Season 11, so I think we’re in for a fun couple of months. Which couple is your favorite so far?

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