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A Very Tangled Giveaway

I’m watching Disney’s Tangled on DVD right now as I prepare to write my review for the March 29th release of the DVD/Blu-Ray Combo. While enjoying the move again, I was reminded how well the pairing of Pascal the chameleon with Rapunzel, and Maximus the Police Horse with Flynn Rider worked. It made me think of some other famous pairs from Walt Disney’s Animated Features. We have Ariel and Flounder, Mulan and Mushu, Mowgli and Baloo, Pocahontas and Flik and Meeko, Hercules and Pegasus to name a few.

To celebrate the release of Disney’s Tangled on DVD I’m happy to announce a very special contest that will honor your favorite partnerships from the history of Disney’s animated features.

The Disney Blog has been provided a spectacular prize package from Disney. It includes A Pascal T-shirt (Lrg), A Maximus T-Shirt (Lrg), a special Tangled Paper Lantern, and a copy of the Blu-ray DVD Combo Pack.

To enter: First, leave a comment on the post below with your favorite pairing of a Disney animated character and their animal friend(s) and the reason you love them. Then make sure you’re a fan of The Disney Blog on Facebook by ‘liking’ the fan page. Finally, you must have a US postal address to ship the prize package to. That’s it. I’ll pick one winner from among all the valid entries.

For a second chance to win, tweet the message below up to once per day between now and the end of the contest. One additional winner will be randomly drawn from all qualifying tweets and who satisfied the conditions above.

The message to be tweeted is:

Enter to win a Disney Tangled DVD/Blu-Ray prize package on @TheDisneyBlog – – Available in stores 3/29

The contest begins now and all entries must be received by 11:59PM on Friday April 1st (no foolin’). Not valid where prohibited by law.

Of course, if you don’t want to wait to win, you can pre-order Tangled today on for it’s March 29th release date.

NOTE: Comments are moderated and yours may not appear until I get a chance to approve them.

Good luck!

216 thoughts on “A Very Tangled Giveaway”

  1. I like Meeko and Pocahontas the best! I just think they have the cutest relationship! and I “like” The Disney Blog on FB and live in the U.S. : )

  2. Prince John and Sir Hiss! “Sssssire…” “Hiss! Stop hissing in my ear!”
    They’re an awesome semi corrupt partnership where they just want to get ahead in life, but are constantly stopped by Robin Hood and Little John.

    That and a lion who sucks his thumb and a snake who uses his own tail as a propeller should be good enough :)

  3. I like-no, no, LOVE Rapunzel and Pascal, because of Pascal’s incomparable cuteness and heroic antics.

  4. My favorite has to Esmarelda and Djahli (the goat) from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, which I consder to be the most undercreditted disney movie of all time. I love Djahli because all his funny facial expressions help lighten a considerably dark movie.

  5. My favorite has to Esmarelda and Djahli (the goat) from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, which I consder to be the most undercreditted disney movie of all time. I love Djahli because all his funny facial expressions help lighten a considerably dark movie.

  6. Cinderella and the mice. Jacques, Octavius(Gus), all of them! She saved them, gave them clothes and fed them and these little guys are loyal to the end. They took on the daunting task of making her a dress for the ball. And the scene with the key? If you say your heart wasn’t pounding in fear as Jacques and Gus struggled to bring that heavy thing up that insane number of stairs before the Grand Duke left, I say you, sir, are a fibber!

    True friends will go to the ends of the earth for each other. With these friends, there is absolutely no doubt of that.

  7. Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket best Disney two-some. Pinocchio is causing trouble. Jiminy is trying his best to clean up the mess afterwards, but Jiminy’s frustrated mentality makes it even better!

  8. Mike and Sully made the best team, Mike wanting the spotlight that Sully got for him and Sully being too modest to care about it. I love watching them work together to get Boo home.

  9. Simba with quite possibly the best sidekick duo in all of Disney lore, Timon and Pumbaa. Between their dynamic, their character, humor, and chemistry with the other characters, they practically stole the show… Hard to say that about other sidekicks. Almost everything they uttered was gold, memorable, and ’til this day, quite recognizable.

    Their Luau scene just tops it off for me —
    Timon: “Are you achin’… Pumbaa: Yup, yup, yup. Timon: For some bacon? Pumbaa: Yup, yup, yup. Timon: He’s a big pig. Pumbaa: Yup, yup. Timon: You can be a big pig, too. Oy.”

  10. Jock and Trusty from Lady and the Tramp is a friendship that is dear to me and can be seen from the screen to your heart. To have fun together, to consider each other, and to protect each other through harsh times.

    Tis a bonnie thing trrrue frrriendship like that’d. Through thick and thin I wouldn’t want any other beside me.

    My, my that’s a sure thing, like my grandpapi Old Reliable used to say, don’t recalek I ever mention Old Reliable before…

    Aye, you have laddie.

    Oh… yeah…

  11. I really like Pocahontas and Meeko. I thought that they were both very strong characters and so inquisitive.

  12. I really like Pocahontas and Meeko. I thought that they were both very strong characters and so inquisitive.

  13. There are so many great pairings in Disney. I often say that the “sidekicks” make the movie.
    I don’t know if this counts, but the relationship between Simba and Timon and Pumba are absolutely priceless. Their camardarie (sp?) and the humor is top notch, and I sometimes even like Timon and Pumba better than the main characters. (Lion King 1 1/2 anyone?)
    If that doesn’t count, then I’m gonna have to say Jasmine and Raja. That tiger is the coolest, and when I was little I asked for a tiger for Christmas!

  14. There are so many great pairings in Disney. I often say that the “sidekicks” make the movie.
    I don’t know if this counts, but the relationship between Simba and Timon and Pumba are absolutely priceless. Their camardarie (sp?) and the humor is top notch, and I sometimes even like Timon and Pumba better than the main characters. (Lion King 1 1/2 anyone?)
    If that doesn’t count, then I’m gonna have to say Jasmine and Raja. That tiger is the coolest, and when I was little I asked for a tiger for Christmas!

  15. It is extremely hard for me to choose between Prince John and Hiss and Aladdin and Abu. On one hand, I love a prince and how oblivious John is to everything around plays so well into Hiss trying to get him to see reason and reality and getting knocked down at every turn.

    Abu is just adorable (he has so much personality) and would do anything to help Aladdin, even if he thinks Aladdin is crazy to fall for a princess.

  16. Easy…Ariel and Sebastian – although i realise it should be Flounder but I love their relationship, how they annoy eachother emensley but yet love and trust eachother!

  17. Ariel and Flounder because Flounder is always there for Ariel even when she became a human. I love Flounder.

  18. I like Ariel & Flounder the best because they’re both so carefree & fun together. I also liked the Facebook page, retweeted, and live in the U.S.

  19. Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket are my favorite. What a great idea to give a character to that little voice in your head. And Jiminy Cricket is hard not to like, after all he is the voice of most of the firework shows at the Magic Kingdom.

  20. My favoite pairing is Cinderella and the mice, particularly Gus and Jack. I love them because Cinderella is so nice and caring to the mice, going so far as to make little clothes for them to wear! And the mice love Cinderella equally because they made that beautiful pink dress for her to wear to the ball. Also, Gus Gus is probably the cutest mouse ever! (besides Mickey, of course!!)

  21. Firstly, the hummingbird in Pocahontas is Flit not Flik (he’s an ant!).

    Secondly, this may seem weird, but I always liked Malifecent’s raven, Diablo. The way that he’s always lurking and spying…,love it. I also kind of love that he meets a rather abrupt end at the hand of the good fairies.

  22. FIrst off, the hummingbird in Pocahontas is Flit, not Flik (he’s an ant).

    Secondly, I have always liked the villan animal sidekicks. My favorites would have to be the birds. I like Malifecent’s raven, Diablo for his sneaky spying and tattling. I also like Shan Yu (Mulan) and his falcon.

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  24. Have to say Cinderella, and the mice. We just watched Cinderella yesterday, and I have to say it brings a smile to my face everytime when Cinderella says “But I have the other shoe” and all the mice are jumping up and down with cheer!

  25. By Far, my favorite pairing is Percival McLeach & Joanna from Rescuers Down Under. Best pairing ever. When I think of the funniest scenes from Disney movies, I always think of the Aristocats’ Lafayette & Napolean haystack scene, and the Joanna stealing eggs scene from Rescuers Down Under. The one where Joanna’s stealing McLeach personal stash of “protein” while he’s trying to talk through the situation.

  26. I like Bambi and thumper!! They are best friends that try to keep each other in line especially when it come to being twitterpaited.

  27. One of my favorite combinations of characters is the relationship between Robin Hood and Little John. They are both cunning and hilarious throughout the entire film. Robin Hood needs his side kick Little John! I can’t picture that movie without him.

  28. I’m gonna have to say Simba and Timon/Pumbaa as well. For being sidekicks in the story, they were well fleshed out and had their own unique dynamic. With any other characters, TLK would definitely not be the same.

  29. Love Hercules and Pegasus. They were in my favorite childhood movie and the way their personalities play off each other is hilarious!

  30. Mine would have to be Wall-e and the cockroach. They take care of one another on the waste filled earth. The rely on each other and keep each other company. Plus that don’t even have to speak to understand what the other is thinking. That is probably my favorite duo.

  31. I hope Pixar counts because the Trifecta of perfection (IMHO) is Carl Fredricksen, Russel and their trusty companion Dug.

    The beginning of ‘Up’ makes me misty every time I watch it.

    “Hey, I know a joke! A squirrel walks up to a tree and says, “I forgot to store acorns for the winter and now I am dead.” Ha! It is funny because the squirrel gets dead.”

  32. Prince John and Sir Hiss are EASILY my favorite pair! The pairing of the bumbling leader and the intelligent assistant is comedic gold. However, if you’re looking for human/animal pairs where the animal is not anthropomorphised, then it’s gotta be Hercules and Pegasus. I love how realistic their friendship is; blind love for each other as children, growing to question each other’s choices but stand by them nevertheless as they get older. They are a great team.

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  34. My favorite human/animal duo has got to be Mulan and Mushu. I love how they compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses – and they are just plain funny.

  35. My favorite would have to be Pocahontas, Meeko, and Flint. They are such a humorous team and very fun to watch!

  36. My favorites are Kuzco & Pacha from The Emperor’s New Groove. It’s one of my all-time favorite Disney movies.

  37. Hercules and Pegasus are my favorite Disney dynamic duo! They are like brothers since they have been together since birth. They are both very cute as babies and when they are separated it is heartbreaking. But they majestically get back together!

  38. Just liked you guys on facebook!

    My favorite Disney pairing has got to be Tod and Copper from Fox and the Hound. Those two have such a sweet friendship, that still holds together through bad and good times, and even when separated! A movie that never fails to make me cry, I love that little fox and hound! :)

  39. Tiana and Ray are a great duo. He shows her the way to Mama Odies because of Louis taking them the opposite direction. Ray charges into the frog hunter’s nose trying to save Tiana and Naveen from being killed and eaten. Ray goes to comfort Tiana in the graveyard after seeing Naveen (Lawrence) marrying Lottie on the Mardi Gras float. Tiana dismisses him as naive and he sets out to reveal the truth to her. He takes the Voodoo necklace to Tiana and tells her to run with it while he stays back and protects her by facing the shadow creatures. He died protecting her which shows true friendship.

  40. Definitely Lilo and Stitch! I love Stitch’s fascination with things on Earth and how Lilo teaches him to be a good family member. “Me like fluffy!”

  41. There are so many great pairings, that it’s hard to choose just one. I love Mowgli and Baloo. They are such a fun pair to watch. I love the Bear Necessities.

    I also liked your facebook page.

  42. I don’t know if he counts as an animal, but Lilo and Stitch have one of the sweetest friendships ever committed to film. Their friendship transcends language, species, even galaxies!

  43. Mowgli in the Jungle Book has 2 wonderful friends who take care of him and protect him– Bagherra the panther and Baloo the Bear. They play with him in the fun parts, rescue him when he gets into trouble, and eventually guide him back to the human world, even though they will miss him. As friends, they are the best.

  44. I like Chicken Little and Fish Out of Water. Chicken Little is such a fun little guy who you want to win, and Fish is hilarious with his mannerisms in the background of many scenes.

  45. I dont know if this counts however I really think the best dynamic duo is The Beast and Lumiere. I love these two because I believe that even though they may not be the closest of friends; however without Lumiere’s romance advice, the Beast might have never won over Belle. Throughout the movie Lumiere is by his master’s side- giving him advice and encouragement.

  46. Elizabeth Preston

    Shrek and his sidekick Donkey. Mismatched but still perfect for each other. True friends are hard to find.

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  48. I’d have to go with Jafar and Iago. “Aladdin” is my favorite (traditional animation) Disney movie and the banter between those two characters never gets old.

  49. Cinderella and Her Mice Friends. Not only are they thought and caring, they also make wonderful dresses that will drive your Step-Family crazy with envy. Walt Disney’s Classic Cinderella (1950) shows us all want it means to be a ture friend. It is one of my top 10 favorite movies.

  50. Disney has many wonderful partnerships in movies. Being a fan a classic characters, though, I would say that Mickey and Pluto are among my favorites. What better example of a dog and his master (be either man or mouse)?

    If I can refer to Disney/Pixar’s movies, and although is a relationship between equals (“human”/Toys), the relationship between Woody and Buzz Lightyear must be one of the best ever…

  51. I love the combination of Jack and Zero in The Nightmare Before Christmas! They just work so perfectly together, doing funny little things like Jack using his own rib to play fetch with Zero, and Zero truely being Man’s(Skeleten’s) best friend and helping light the way!

  52. I’d have to say Ariel and Sebastian. They start out hte film at opposite ends of an argument, but he comes to love and help her instead, almost like a surrogate father! Very, very sweet and heartwarming!

  53. Indubitably the Mad Hatter, March Hare, and the Dormouse, they put on a sweet party and have witty banter down to an art.

  54. My favorite pairing is Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh! Winnie the Pooh has always been my number one! I’m so glad the new movie is coming out!

    PS: Thanks for the great giveaway!

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  57. I’m ineligible to win cos I don’t have a US Postal Address, but I wanted to contribute my answer anyway. It is, of course, Mickey Mouse and his faithful pal, Pluto.

  58. Although there are many great pairings, I think my favorite human/animal duo (if you can count her as “human”) is Ariel and Sebastian. Even though everyone thinks Ariel is crazy and foolish for loving a human and makes a poor decision in trusting Ursula, Sebastian stands by her through it all and becomes her voice when she doesn’t have one. She doesn’t need to articulate her thoughts and fears to him with her voice, a look alone is enough for him to know what she is thinking and needing. Plus, he conducts an impromptu animal symphony in a serenade for her and Prince Eric and survives a lunatic French chef who boils and stuffs him!

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  60. Im not sure if this will count as Disney, but my daughter and i have just gone crazy over all of Hayao Miyazaki’s films .. so we picked Mei and Totoro! I asked her why she loves them and her response was ” cause, Totoro looks warm and fuzzy”. :)

  61. A bit of an odd pairing… I like Tiana and Ray, as I think he has the greatest wisdom to impart, and really changes her perspective. While it’s a bit odd (considering she is also an “animal friend” while befriending him), I still think that Tiana and Ray are the best duo!

  62. My son’s favorite all time movie is Oliver and Co. So I pick Jenny and Oliver as the best pair. Just so cuddly and loving.

  63. I love Aladdin and Abu. Abu’s so expressive without ever saying a word, especially when he’s riled up about something. It’s hilarious.

  64. Although it is a newer pair, I really love Penny and Bolt. She loved that dog so much, and gosh darn it he loved her back! Everytime I see the bond between them, it makes me want to find someone immediately and say “I Love You.”

  65. I think my favorite pairing would be Cinderella with Jaq Jaq and Gus and all the rest of her mouse friends! I sure love JAq Jaq! I think it is sweet how they interact together!

    yes, I have a U.S. Sipping Address!

  66. It may be cheating a bit, but for me no one beats Lilo and Stitch. It is near the top of my favorite Disney movie list. Their relationship is so lovely and emotional and funny.

  67. Although it is a newer pair, I really love Penny and Bolt. She loved that dog so much, and gosh darn it he loved her back! Everytime I see the bond between them, it makes me want to find someone immediately and say “I love and care about you.”

  68. Although it is a newer pair, I really love Penny and Bolt. She loved that dog so much, and gosh darn it he loved her back! Everytime I see the bond between them, it makes me want to find someone immediately and say “I love and care about you.”

  69. My favorite would have to be Mowgli and Baloo. The characters were so real and they had such great chemistry. You could truly sense the bond they had as friends.

  70. I like Ariel and Sebastian because they are opposites who totally understand and accept each other.

  71. I think Disney’s best pairing is Pinochio and Jiminy Cricket. When you Wish Upon A Star is 1 of the best songs from a Disney movie as well.

  72. I would say Ariel and Flounder.. in part because its my favorite Disney movie but also because despite seeming a coward he would go with her to investigate the wreckage and even to the surface :)

  73. My favorite pairing is Pocohontas and Flit. I like them because Flit is adorable and always protecting Pocohontas.

    Thanks for the chance.

  74. Deborah Wellenstein

    I’d say Flora, Fauna and Meriwether, but that’s a trio-so my pair is Timon and Pumba-the epitome of friendship!

  75. Does Dumbo and Timothy Mouse count? I love how Timothy takes care of Dumbo when he’s at his lowest and teaches him that being yourself is magic enough. Love that movie!

  76. My favorite Disney pairing is Aladdin and Abu, because they’re cute and hilarious!
    I like The Disney Blog on Facebook too!

  77. My favorite pairing would be Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket. Not only is “Pinocchio” my favorite Disney movie, but I also feel their pairing is so essential to the story. Jiminy is Pinocchio’s conscience, after all… (PS: That “Tangled” lantern looks AWESOME!)

  78. Aladin and Abu steal it they are so funny and a good pair
    Also liked the Disney blog on facebook- Jake Bray

  79. Ariel and Flounder! Because flounder is super cute and supportive of Ariel’s decisions, whilst still trying to keep her grounded! :)

  80. lilo and stitch because they are family! Nobody gets left behind!
    thanks for entering me!
    Janna Johnson

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  82. I’d say Mowgli and Baloo from THE JUNGLE BOOK. I like how the big old bear took the young cub under his wing and taught him through lessons and song.

  83. I would have said Ariel and Flounder ,but since watching Tangled, I LOVE Rapunzel and Pascal. He’s been there for her since forever and he watches out for her. He changes colors and seems like a lot of fun.

  84. Jacqueline Hudosn

    My favorite is Ariel and Flounder, I guess because that was my favorite movie growing up.

  85. Aladdin and Abu are the greatest Disney pair! The combination of Aladdin’s charm and Abu’s humor make their antics make for non-stop entertainment and memories that last a lifetime!

  86. My favorite is Abu and Aladdin! I saw the movie in the theater when I lived in Florida. And as some people have exotic pets there, I SO WANTED to have a monkey like Abu as a pet.
    It didn’t happen but I can dream. “A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep…”

  87. My favorite pairing is Pocahontas and Meeko! They both are very much alike, both curious and inquisitive which causes them to sometimes “bump heads” and get on each other’s nervous but at the end of the day they still love each other and have lots of fun :)

  88. My favorite Disney pair is Aladdin and Abu because of the way they stick together. Even with Abu being as silly as he is, Aladdin still loves him.

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  90. We LOVE Nemo in this house and especially the pairing of Dory and Marlin on their search for the little fish!

    I “like” The Disney Blog on FB – Lori P

    I tweeted – 3/23/2011 @lomargie

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  92. My favorite pair is Sully and Mike! My daughter for the longest time called that movie “Eyeball!” Monster, Inc. is still one of my favorites.

  93. I think Tron and Bit deserve some recognition.

    Bit is so clear with his responses, Tron never has to deal with a “maybe” or a “sometimes”. It’s always yes or no!

    cout << endl;

  94. I would say that Ariel and Flounder are my favorite because they have such great chemistry and are great friends!

  95. I love alice and her kitty cat! probobally because I remember watching the movie so much when I was younger. but I remember wanting to reach into the screen and petting her sweet little pet kitty cat! : )

  96. My fave pairing is Mickey and Pluto, love them because they are the originals! I loved Tangled and so did my 2 boys! Great giveaway!

  97. I really like Pascal and Rapunzel, but I don’t think Ariel and her sidekick(s) Sebastion and Flounder can be beat! That was my favorite movie when I was young, and to this day I know every word of the movie. Love it! Disney really had the magical touch with that one!

  98. Cinderella and Jaques and Gus(-Gus)! Even though Cinderella is far from my favorite princess, her mousy friends would do anything for Cinderelly and they’ve got a lot of spirit.

    But not far behind would definitely be Flynn and Maximus. It’s a tense relationship at first with plenty of fighting, but Max rallied the troops (in a matter of speaking) and saved our dashing rogue.

  99. I have to say my favorite animated character-pal-pairing would be Lilo and Stitch. While the alien that falls from the sky doesn’t know it, he really is like a fallen angel for the lonely Lilo. Both outcasts in their communities, Lilo and Stitch need someone (or something) that just understands them. Lilo is weird and lonely but also loving, artistic and unique. Stitch was “bad” and believed he needed to destroy things but all he really needed was a family to love and accept him. They complete each other while teaching one another the importance of patience and family. Lilo’s family was small and broken but Stitch came in and glued them back together for good. “Ohana” really says it all.

  100. My favorite is Hercules and pegasus. First of all hercule is a flawless classic and thee relationship as they both grow up is adorable.

  101. Milan & Mushu. They are both trying to redeem themselves. And who can’t resist Mush yelling “Let’s go kick some Hunny Buns”.

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  103. Lilo and Stitch. My favorite human – animal pairing and one of my all-time favorite Disney films. Thank you for the terrific give-away.

  104. oops forgot to say why – Penny and Oliver because of the way that they are there for each other. Jasmine and Raja because of the camaraderie between the two. (This would be an awesome add to my collection for my almost 4 week old son…:D

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  106. Aladdin and Abu (the monkey) are the best Disney Duo that I’ve ever seen although I haven’t seen Tangled yet or a couple of the older ones.

  107. My favorite Disney pairing is Lady & the Tramp.
    They are just too adorable together. Especially when eating spaghetti.

    I am a fan via Facebook as Jill Myrick.

  108. Having watched Tangled many times recently, I’m biased towards Rapunzel and Pascal, which is why I’m very much hoping to win the tee-shirt. :)

    I’m a fan on Facebook with this email.

  109. Mulan and Mushu are faves of ours- bwahahaha we LOVE how he teachers her the man walk and we in fact got a whole bus full of strangers doing it on the way into WDW when we were there. ;)

  110. Love Mowgli & Baloo together-they’re just so much fun and my 3 yr old loves to try and dance like them

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  112. I’d have to say Cinderella and Gus Gus. I always thought it was so sweet how she saw something special in him and how he gets so protective of her and tries to help her out! Adorable!

  113. My all-time favorite Disney animals are the Aristocats, but for the contest I will go with Belle and the Beast.

  114. My favorite are Lilo and Stitch – they need each other and seem to bring out the best in each other as well.
    I am a fan of The Disney Blog on Facebook by ‘liking’ the fan page as mary gardner

  115. My fave pair is Lilo & Stich because they are just so cute and funny :D Stich is the best cause he makes every situation hilarious!

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