Disney Phone Reservation Cast Member being Investigated for Abuse, Rape

Imagine you’re calling the Walt Disney World reservation center to book a once in a lifetime trip for you and your kids to the world famous resort. You’re prepared to spend your tax return to pay for the trip. Then when you tell the Disney cast member how much you’re sacrificing to make this vacation for your kids, that cast member sends you a text message offering to give you a special discount available only to ‘Friends and Family’.

I don’t want to place any blame on the victim here. She shouldn’t have to defend her actions for accepting that special offer. But I do question a system that doesn’t have checks and balances in place to prevent Disney cast members from circumventing the regular reservation system to offer these sorts of deals to random callers. It seems ripe for abuse and that’s exactly what the allegation is for a alleged assault and rape that was reported in the Orlando Sentinel today.

The story, if true, is a sad one. No one should have their family vacation ruined like that and no Disney cast member should be allowed to abuse their position to lure in a family with promises of free admission and discounted rooms. But at the same time, Disney has to walk that fine line of offering one of the few benefits that separates them from other service industry jobs, free admission and discounted rooms at Walt Disney World.

I’m sure Disney management is looking at corrective action to make sure this never happens again.

20 thoughts on “Disney Phone Reservation Cast Member being Investigated for Abuse, Rape”

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    1. how do you propose Disney could have prevented this?
      Can a restaurant prevent a waitress from stealing your credit card number?
      Can a pharmacy prevent a worker from stealing you phone number?
      Can the dmv stop someone that works there from stealing your address?
      what they can do is try to hire honest people and fire them and or press charges if they do these things.
      this cast member was wrong….yet to say Disney could have prevented it is insane. When did we stop holding people accountable for there actions?
      I hope Disney still allows there cast members the privelage of discounts…
      I guess when someone checks in at the front desk, the resort could ask “are you a friend or family member or did a stranger call and offer you this room half price”
      I also hope that if someone I don’t know calls me and offers me a discount and free admision, and wants to act as a tour gide for the day I would call the company and report them.

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