Passholder Badge on Gowalla

I am a definite believer of the coming gamification of most of our every day social, business, and commercial interactions. You might be surprised to know that forces at Disney are believers in gamification too. Or you might not, considering Disney Imagineers use a lot of game theory when designing the theme parks.

But that’s neither here nor there. What is here today is Location based marketing, or what consumers call check-ins. Disney decided to go with GoWalla, one of the providers of location check-ins, in part because they would provide Disney some measure of moderation, but also because they would let Disney design their own ‘badges’. Users earn a badge whenever they check-in on a mission.

Even though I use Foursquare because I enjoy the game of earning a mayorship or getting a discount or coupon when I check in, I also check in on GoWalla when at Disney’s theme parks. It’s free, it’s fun, and you can get a competition going among your friends to see who collects the most badges.

They’ve just released an annual passholder badge (although I don’t see how they’ll restrict it to only passholders). You check in at a different location in each of the four parks and voila, the passholder exclusive badge is yours. Find the four locations, and learn more about GoWalla and Disney’s partnership over at Zannaland.

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