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Chris Brogan interviews Disney CEO Bob Iger

Over the past few years the Disney company has called on online social media expert Chris Brogan to come and talk to the team at least a couple times. I’m a big fan of what Brogan is preaching and you can see some of his best practices implemented in Disney social media today. Of course, one of the perks of consulting for Disney is the occasional bit of comped travel.

As online media Chris and I were both given a free two-night trip on the Disney Dream recently, but only Chris scored an interview with Disney CEO Bob Iger.

I like Bob. But it sounds like he’s doing that ‘pull a relevant statistic from a report’ CEO trick rather than showing true understanding of social media. That’s okay, however. Bob just needs to know it’s important and then trust the people under him to set and meet appropriate goals. It was very nice of him to spend a few minutes with one of us bloggers. Maybe there’s hope for me one day.

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