Universal Studios Orlando has new co-owner, shake-up coming?

Over the weekend the deal combining Comcast with NBC/Universal was completed. In addition to the big shake up with control of television stations now handled a cable giant, we get a new co-owner of the Universal Orlando Resort property. Comcast joins the Blackstone Group with control over the theme parks.

It’s widely believed that Comcast wants to unload the theme parks. The recent profitability driving by the Wizarding World of Harry Potter may change that, but if a sale does happen, its possible that The Blackstone Group could have complete control of as many theme parks as Walt Disney World. Universal Studios Orlando, Islands of Adventure and Wet-n-Wild, would join SeaWorld, Aquatica, and Legoland to make the region have effectively just two big theme park players.

This rivalry could develop even without the sale if Comcast just decided to give operating control to the Blackstone group and if Blackstone then decided to unite all the parks under one operating group. I’m sure they’re considering if this would have substantial cost savings by consolidating management, food and other supply orders. Selling package deals to all four parks that included transportation would certainly increase traffic to Legoland as well.

What do you think theme park fans? Would you like to see this happen?

7 thoughts on “Universal Studios Orlando has new co-owner, shake-up coming?”

  1. I like anything that drives up the competition. I’m not for competition for the sake of price wars, but I think Disney had the honor of sitting at the top of the heap for a bit too long and has gotten complacent where they just needed to do the bare minimum to keep their ranking but nothing more.

    If this Comcast deal creates a scenerio where Universal and the other theme parks in central florida start gaining, then it might get the bean counters at Disney pushed aside a bit to force innovation which will drive butts back to WDW and Disneyland (let’s face it, whatever is popular on one coast eventually finds it’s way to the other)

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  4. I’m curious what/if any effect this will have on the Marvel characters in the Universal Studios parks and Disney’s need to bring more Marvel attractions into Hollywood Studios and California Adventure. Perhaps a loophole here could work in Disney’s favour. Or would the rights be forwarded over to Blackstone.

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