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Exclusive Disney Store Villains Vinylmation Preview & Giveaway

Fans of Disney’s latest collectibles craze, the Mickey Mouse shaped Vinylmation series, stay tuned. I have been sent a very special sneak peek at the Vinylmation Villains series created especially for The Disney Store and The new series will be available beginning January 31, 2011.

The eleven figures assembled in Villains Series #1 are: Ursula, Prince John, Banzai, Mim, Kaa, Cruella De Vil, Steam Boat Pete, Old Hag, Stromboli, Shan Yu, Ratcliff. Of course there’s also the elusive chaser. Suggested retails price for all the 3 inch figures is $9.95.

More previews and details of an exciting Vinylmation Giveaway below the jump:

Click both the following images for larger sizes:

I know this series will be pretty popular, Disney’s Villains always are. Learn more about Vinylmation series or check out the Disney Store’s blog.

I’m very excited to announce that The Disney Store has given The Disney Blog a set of 5 Vinylmation figures from the Villains series to give away to a Disney blog reader. Good luck, details on how to enter are below:

To enter just follow these two simple steps: 1) follow The Disney Blog on facebook (if you’re not already following, you must like the page), and 2) make a comment on this post with either your favorite current Vinylmation figure or suggest a figure or series you would like to see in the future. Only one entry per household. A valid email address is required so I may contact you if you’re the winner. I can only ship the prize to a US postal address, so if you’re international make sure you have a valid US shipping address (use a service or a friend). Deadline to enter is 11:59PM Eastern time on Tuesday February 1st, 2011. One winner will be drawn from all valid entries on February 2nd and a notification email sent out. Once that email is sent out, the winner has 48 hours to reply with a valid US shipping address. If I don’t get a reply, I’ll select a second winner and repeat the notification process. Giveaway not valid where prohibited.

79 thoughts on “Exclusive Disney Store Villains Vinylmation Preview & Giveaway”

  1. I love the Mickey Vinylmations. I have a few vinylmations that are my personal faves but my favorite vinylmation item I have would have to be my Vinylmation mini backpack. It has a whole bunch of great designs on it. U use it everytime I go to the parks :)

  2. Well, you know I’d love a Moms Panel Vinylmation :-)

    I know there are food items in many of the current series, but I’d love a whole line of Disney food Vinylmations.

  3. Well I only own one which was the 2011 WDW Marathon one to honor my first WDW Marathon but I do like all the new Star Wars Vinylmation!

  4. I am following on fb and while the Jr. series 2 is my favorite so far, I am really looking forward to the Sea Creatures series. This is a super giveaway! Thanks for hosting and for all the great info you share!

  5. I have been subscribed to your blog for some time. I love it. I am always planning my next trip to Disney.

    These are so cute. I love Mim.

  6. I love the new series and I’m really excited about the Animation series too. The fact that I can get the Animation series in my local TDS helps too!

  7. I posted this on your facebook fan page. But just in case you meant to post a comment here, here is a copy of my post:

    A Tron series where all of the major Disney characters (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Pete, Clarabelle cow, and maybe even the Princes & Princesses, etc.. ) are dressed up in the Tron outfits.

    If they included “Villains”, then they could wear an “Internet Security Program” Red suit, Good guys wear blue, Maybe have a “Mickey” also wearing a yellow suit (chaser), Virus program characters could wear Green and or Purple, A character in “transition” could wear a white suit, you get the idea…

  8. The Epcot Center from the parks set. I’d love to see a set that features all the classic Epcot Center logos..maybe for it’s 30th next year.

  9. Love these!!! I kind of love them all, can’t lie. But my favorites that I own are Kermit and big eyes Mike Wasowski!

  10. I love the keychain vinylmations! I agree with Sarah, where’s Captain Hook? Hopefully he’s the chaser, or maybe another series? :D The Steamboat Pete is definitely my favorite in this set!

  11. I would like to see a vinymlmation series from the disney movies. Spanning at least 12 of their movies. One vinylmation per movie…so perhaps to nominate which character from a film, disney would post a poll. Or else they would decide on their own. I would especially like to see the 12 movies be disney movies from the 90s. Like the little mermaid (ariel), beauty and the beast (the beast), rescuers down under etc…

  12. I’d like to either The Incredibles or characters from UP as a Vinylmation series. My favorite out of the villains set is Kaa…

  13. My favorite Vinylmation has to be the Day of the Dead one from Trade City USA. I’ve been in love since it was announced and when I got it in my hands it was sort of my Holy Grail moment!!

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  15. In the same way that they did the Condiments set, I would love to see a set of the Hercules Muses. They are great characters that are underappriciated and deserve some much needed Vinylmation love!

  16. I love my Dog of the Caribbean. They did a great job capturing the beloved creatures personality!!

    I’m really looking forward to these – they are adorable!

  17. I love the Osbourne Spectacle of lights Vinylmation from 2010. I just had to pick one up. I would like to see Oswald the rabbit now that he is Disney property again. They could do a park series with all the characters from the Magic Kingdom….might have to split that up into a few runs (might already be doing this too).

  18. Favorite vinyl: Balloon chaser from series 1. It was the first vinyl my fiance and I ever purchased when we stumbled upon the first series…and then further bumbled onto the chaser. We’ve been hooked ever since. I have to say I also love Mushu from the new animation series since Mulan is my favorite movie.

    Series Disney should make: I would love to see a full fledged Pirates of the Caribbean series. They always through one into the Parks series, but the movies are so popular! And with the 4th movie coming out, it would be so smart to get a series out right before or on the heels of the new movie.

  19. I would like to see a Hanukkah Vinylmation and I would also like to see some Song of the south characters. (I am also a fb fan already).

  20. I’m super excited for the Villains! I think my favorites to date may be in that series (Kaa and Banzai). My favorite from a previous series would be the Haunted Mansion clock from Park 5. As for a future series I’m hoping for, I’d love one to be based off of either The Lion King or Beauty and the Beast, my two favorite Disney movies. :)

  21. Jasmine Ramezanzadeh

    I would love to see Hades from Hercules, Scar from the Lion King, perhaps even Sid from Toy Story?
    I’m absolutely loving Prince John and Sir Hiss right now, I can’t stop staring at them and simultaneously replaying the movie back in my head, on and on and on. These are brilliant, full of beauty and reminiscence.

  22. My favorite two series so far are Holiday #2 and The Nightmare Before Christmas. I would love to see a Pixar series.

  23. My current favorite is the Buzz Lightyear Vinylmation we opened today! He’s so cute! Very excited for the Villians and e Star Wars Series.

  24. I’ve been really enjoying the Urban series, I love how outside the box they’ve been – and don’t feel constrained to stay within “Disneyesque” boundaries!

    I really look forward to the astrology series <3

  25. I love the Vinylmations, and I would love it if they did a Bug’s Life series.
    I’m working on a custom 9″ right now. It’s really a lot of fun!

  26. Natalie van Sambeck

    The Villians are my absolute favorite series out yet! I’d love to see Captain Hook, Yzma, and Scar in the next series!

  27. My favorite series as of right now, it is the clear series. I love the simplicity of this series and it just makes me smile with the bright colors. If they were to do a series that I wanted, it would most likely be the Philharmation series, and would feature different Disney characters playing orchestra instruments. I would love to see this series. :D

  28. I’d love to see a Princess collection of figures! Ariel, Cindy, Snow White, Aurora, Belle, Pocahontas, Mulan, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Tiana, the castle and the mystery can be Minnie as a princess. It would be brilliant!

    This Villains series has been my favorite so far. Stoked to see Prince John repping! Long live Robin Hood.

  29. The new villain series looks awesome! I would love to see Captain Hook and Jafar in a second series.
    A Disney “sidekicks” series would be really cool or a neat Beauty & The Beast set with Lumiere, Cogsworth etc…

  30. I Have To Say My Favorite Series Is The Villians Series. The Characters Are Great And Being the Villian Is Always Fun. My Favorite Character In The Villians Series is Steam Boat Pete, Steam Boat Willie is My Favorite Cartoon of All Time. It Would Be Great To See Scar, Captain Hook, Jafar, and Hades in the Next Series.

  31. By far the best Vinylmation series is hands down Star Wars. The artist, Mike Sullivan, captured the essence of each main character on Mickey. I can’t wait for Star Wars II – jar jar binks, the Emperor, Jabba the Hut, ewoks!
    So far Disney has done a great job woth all of the vinylmations. Keep it up.

  32. The Star Wars series is my favorite series thus far. I would suggest including Wickett and Jabba the Hutt in the second Star Wars series. I love the Jafar and Steam Boat Pete characters from Villain series.

  33. I Follow The Disney Blog on Facebook ( Aurora Moore)
    My favorite Vinyl is The Fairy God Mother from Animation Series!!!!! She has a wand! !

  34. I’M IN LOVE WITH THE VINYLMATION VILLAINS! Prince John, Banzai, Kaa are some of my all time favorite Disney characters. If I had the money I would TOTALLY buy the entire case but even a few boxes are so expensive! I’ve never won a contest before, but maybe I’ll be lucky because tomorrow’s my birthday? Who knows, Disney Blog is awesome for giving them away though!

  35. I would love to see a series dedicated to the night time entertainment from both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort.

  36. My favorite figure is Anubis from Park 5. Not only does it have a great design from a great attraction, it also has a gem, a clever heiroglyphic with Mickey and Minnie, and a great signature by Maria Clapsis complete with a caricature of the cast member/priest from the ride.

  37. I love my Mary Poppins penguin and the Festival of Colors Mickey. I’m most excited about the upcoming “Disney Afternoon” series later this year!

  38. Emmanuel Demonteverde

    I really like the Buzz Lightyear figure. In the future, I would like to see Heimlich from A Bug’s Life.

  39. I love the villians! This is definitely the set that has convinced me to give vinylmation a second look! I would love to see Chernabog in the next villian series and as a separate series I would love to see the characters from “Bongo”!

  40. OMG I’m so excited for the Ursula figure! Love it! I would really love to see a Maleficient figure too! I want them all.

  41. Villain series does have Jafar. He’s the chaser. My faves are the park series (5 mostly) and the animation.

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