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Disney Auditioning Princesses, Princes, and Fairies

Has anyone ever told you you look a lot like (insert Disney character here)? Do you enjoy entertaining others and have a lively and sweet-hearted nature? Now might be your chance to work at the most magical place on Earth. Walt Disney World is holding open auditions in Orlando on December 30th for character performers. They’re looking for Rapunzel and Flynn look-a-likes, as well as Princess and Prince face characters and actors who can play Tinker bell or any of her fairy friends.

New hire performers now receive $11.75 per hour when performing in Character look-alike roles. Performers develop improvisational skills, poise and grace while working for one of the world’s leading entertainment companies. Character Look-alikes perform before thousands of guests each day in “meet and greets”, parades and stage shows across the Walt Disney World Resort.

Check out more details, including height requirements, at the Disney Auditions website.

5 thoughts on “Disney Auditioning Princesses, Princes, and Fairies”

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  4. If only they would audition for musicians! I wanted to do the college band, but they have no clarinetists… I’d love to get in on redoing some of the theme park music.. maybe one day! Too bad I can’t sing and be a fairy.

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