Disneyland highlights Costuming Cast Members

The old costume department at Disneyland was one of the first backstage areas I was able to tour back in the 90s. At the time it was all encompassed in one small building just inside the berm. Everything had to be in perfect order for things to run smoothly each day. Costumes were picked up a window and checked out to a cast member. Cast Members still had lockers and weren’t allowed to wear their costumes outside the park. And the variety of costumes pieces was greater than it is today.

With California Adventure on the horizon, Disneyland knew they had to change up their costuming department in order to meet the needs of a greatly expanded cast. Cast members were now allowed to wear costumes to and from work, lockers were mostly eliminated, and costumes were simplified so that more pieces could be used across lands. This helped the park save money, but cheapened the guest experience in the views of many. Over the years Disney costuming has gotten a lot better in creating the experience of diversity even while using similar costume pieces across the parks.

Maintaining, cataloging, issuing, and designing these costumes is not an easy job and it’s one of the few jobs that maintains a close tie to the movie industry with some Disney park costumers doing part work for Disney studios projects.

So it is with just cause that Disneyland celebrates the costume department in the latest edition of “Every Role a Starring Role” backstage videos:

Let’s give them a hand!

5 thoughts on “Disneyland highlights Costuming Cast Members”

  1. Wow…I wish I would have ever worked with HER in Cast Costuming. Last time I went in there I had to explain to the CM the difference between a sHirt and a sKirt.

    A typical exchange in Cast Costuming:
    Me: Excuse me, I’m looking for pants in a size 10, but the only thing left are size 6 or size 14.
    CM: Well…did you want to try the 14s?
    Me: No, those will fall off me. Can I check out the men’s pants in my size?
    CM: Oh no. Those aren’t going to look right.
    Me: Neither are pants two sizes too big.
    CM: They’ll be fine, just roll them under.
    Me: Nevermind…I’ll just wear my old dirty/wrinkled ones.
    CM: I’m sorry, but those pants are wrinkled and are bad show. You can’t wear them.
    Me: Can you press them for me?
    CM: No. Our seamstress is only here on Wednesdays and Sundays from 13:00 to 14:45.

  2. I can’t speak for the rest of them, but I always had good encounters with Entertainment costumers at WDW. I really enjoy that Disney highlights these roles.

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