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Disney World Goofs Online Registration for Social Media Moms event

The 2010 Social Media Moms event was invite only, but had such a big impact that Disney decided to turn it into something bigger, and something they could charge for. However, the price Disney World wanted for the event was very reasonable and word got out about how the great the event would be. Since registration was first come first served, there was a lot of pressure to be ready at one’s computer exactly at the appointed time. Since Disney routinely handles these sorts of registrations for Pin and Merchandise collectible events, there was no reason to expect this process would go south. But south it went, and now bad feelings have been spread wide across the mommy blogger space.

Apparently the servers couldn’t handle the load and some registrants received immediate confirmations while others got a message that they would have to wait online to find out that others who registered after them got in and they got the boot. I know I would not be happy in that scenario.

I know some of the people involved in setting this event up and believe they had the best intentions for the event and the registration. They may have just under estimated how much demand there was for their product, or they lost control of the expectations which got blown out of proportion. In any event, they deserve a mulligan, but next year they should figure out how to do this right. (I think a larger event is probably warranted… perhaps partnering with another organization or making available tickets to those who don’t want to stay on property.) On the bright side, I think it’s safe to say that Disney’s mommy blogger outreach program is a success beyond their expectations.

For more details on the story head to Chip and Co for a story from Lisa.