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SUV strikes Monorail Pillar closes EPCOT loop for an hour

Disney fans are everywhere. No, she wasn’t driving the SUV that struck the Monorail support pillar, but Amanda Tinney (of was on the scene yesterday in the EPCOT Parking lot and took the above photo on her mobile phone. Those beams are pretty strong, but as a precaution, Disney shut down the EPCOT Monorail Loop and closed that section of the parking lot for about an hour while the accident was resolved and the pillar and beam inspected.

CFNews13 reports that the SUV’s driver was taken to the hospital and their condition is unknown. Let’s hope they’re okay.

Assuming the driver is okay, this was a relatively small incident in the string of incidents involving the WDW transportation system these past two years. Hopefully, it’s the last one for the foreseeable future.

Update: Reader Andy F. sends in this better shot of the accident.

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