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Michael Jackson’s Unbuilt Neverland Theme Park

Here’s some beautiful Sunday dreaming for you. Make sure you visit the Disney and More blog to see the original plans and concept art for the Peter Pan themed Neverland Theme Park that Michael Jackson wanted to build. I think any company could still build this today and it would draw fans from around the world. How about it Landmark?

7 thoughts on “Michael Jackson’s Unbuilt Neverland Theme Park”

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  5. By Landmark, do you mean Landmark Entertainment? The folks behind the Star Trek Experience and Caesars Magical Empire?

  6. I think they should do it I mean mj is like the walt Disney of pop making or finishing his neverland theme park would be nice to see finished with his house as a museum of all his belongings 2to be exact one here and another where he origionlly from

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