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Disney World rejects Union Proposal, Deadlock Looms

A few days ago Disney Cast Members voted down the initial contract proposal from Disney. Now Disney has turned down the union’s counter proposal. Disney says its initial offer still stands and that unions have until November 8th to accept it. I don’t see that happening, which means that cast members could soon be working without a contract.

Stay tuned. This could get interesting.

2 thoughts on “Disney World rejects Union Proposal, Deadlock Looms”

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  2. It has a lot to do with raise structuring and that some areas (housekeeping, entertainment, monorail drivers) are being offered higher raises than others (merchandise). What we may wind up seeing is a splitting up of the STCU in order for the unions to negotiate separately for better terms. The vote a couple weeks ago had some issues, with rumors that Local 737 was busing housekeepers in early to try to swing the vote in favor and UFCW and Unite Here! sending propaganda to areas their unions don’t cover to swing votes against.

    Both sides are in a real bind. The Unions can’t support an agreement that doesn’t have pay keeping up with healthcare costs. Disney budgeted a certain amount for pay increases and the percentages are to keep rates competitive. Remember, this is all about percentages. 3% vs. 4.5% really. Disney wants to pay certain groups more so they can stay competitive with other parks and resorts. (Really it’s the hotels, the Bonnet Creek hotels ALL pay more than Disney.) Meanwhile groups like merchandise, who already make less to begin with, see less of an increase as well. They cry unfair, Disney says it’s to stay competitive.

    Many out there would say ANY pay increase in this economy is to be applauded and rightfully so. Just remember though that CIGNA is raising its rates on Disney considerably due to the healthcare reform package. It’s not about individuals so much as it is family members also covered by the insurance. For many cast members out there this is not so much about raises as it is about BREAKING EVEN.

    Still, a lot of waiting for the inevitable is yet to come. The unions are basically powerless in Florida so all this really means is my family loses out on some extra bonus money and we all wait on what is otherwise a perfectly acceptable contract.

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