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Whither Disney Comics?

Jeff Pepper has a great piece up this week. He looks at the state of Disney Comics (not Marvel comics) and what went wrong:

The younger generation of today has largely abandoned the medium.  Let me clarify just slightly–the younger generation defined primarily as kids aged 6-16; the medium being non-superhero, humor-centric comics marketed specifically at that younger demographic.  What is behind this dramatic decline of kiddie comics, of which Disney was always a major player, when other four-color genres, most notably superheroes, have continued to endure and often thrive?

But he’s not just complaining. There are some really good solutions in the post too. Like making them more accessible and affordable.

I’m just getting ready to introduce my son to the pleasure of comics and I’m going to start with some of Disney’s latest titles. He’s already a voracious reader, so I think he’ll take to these like Donald Duck to water.