Subcontractor Killed While working on Disneyland Paris Ride


Sad news out of Paris Disneyland Resort tonight. Police announced a 53-year old employee of a subcontractor was killed when the ride he was cleaning suddenly turned on severely injuring him. The worker was pinned beneath an It’s A Small World boat. The accident occured during overnight hours, so no guests witnessed it. The attraction is closed until further notice. 

Everyone at The Disney Blog sends its condolences to the man’s friends and family.

I expect to learn that safety procedures were not followed in this accident. Usually there is some sort of ‘lock out’ system to prevent mechanical mishaps or accidental start ups when a cast member is working on an attractions track or flume. It is Also possible that the subcontractor was not properly trained or supervised.

Update: according to Le Parisien, there were two workers apparently at the loading area cleaning boats. Om!e boat was in progress when a second boat arrived too early and struck the worker.

More details as events warrant.