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Dancing with the Stars: Week Three Results

After a solid night of performances, another couple must fall. Tonight’s results show got right into it – and inexplicably, The Situation and Karina were given the encore performance. I still can’t figure out whether I like them or not. I mean, I love The Situation and his foolishness on Jersey Shore but on live network TV, he’s so stymied, so controlled …. it’s just not the same situation. Because if The Situation was to fully unleash on network TV – well, that would be an interesting situation.

And right off the bat, our first round of results: Audrina/Tony and Kurt/Anna were safe, while Kyle/Lacey were put “in jeopardy.” Then Ne-Yo performed the television premiere of his new single “One in a Million.” Ne-Yo isn’t really my jam, so this was something of a yawn for me.

Then! Donny Osmond, the Sultan of Cheese, is acting as Las Vegas Correspondent and finding out what people in Sin City think of this season. The (obviously edited) verdict? Everyone wants to talk about The Situation. Between this lovefest and giving The Situation the encore performance, I think something is amiss. Maybe he came close to being in the bottom and the producers are trying to talk him up so he can stick around? A fishy situation indeed …

Time for more results – Jennifer/Derek and Brandy/Maks were safe, leaving Rick/Cheryl “in jeopardy.”

Here’s a fun fact: Mark and Maks’ brother Val have a lifelong rivalry, because they are both ballroom dancers and musicians, and the world just isn’t big enough for both of them. And so, they have come to Dancing with the Stars to settle things the manly way: with a musical “battle” to a Britney Spears song. I’m not sure if there was a winner here, but I think Jerry Bruckheimer has a movie version in the works.

Michael Bolton, last seen crawling out of a doghouse, returned to redeem himself through song and stand-in for Susan Boyle, who had to drop out at the last minute. He sang Jeff Buckley’s classic “Hallelujah” (complete with children’s chorus) and the world breathed a collective sigh that we now had another, happier Michael Bolton memory to replace the one he left behind last week.

Final round of the first round of results! The Situation/Karina and Florence/Corky were safe, and Bristol/Mark and Margaret/Louis were “in jeopardy.”

I know what you’re thinking – the show’s almost over and we haven’t had any montages. Don’t despair, because here’s one entitled, “People Have Emotions.” This is true of not just regular people, but dancer-celebrity-people too. Even the people on this show. They emote, and it is emotional. This concludes this week’s montage.

And then, finally, the final round of final results. Margaret and Louis were sent home. I can’t say I was terribly surprised, but I will miss Louis and his rainbow socks.

Next week, our couples will be turning up the heat by dancing either the Argentine Tango or the Rumba – things are going to get spicy. And probably a little scary. See you then!

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