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Abigail Disney speaks out on the Estate Tax, she’s for it

Last week Abigail Disney, Walt’s grandniece, published an opinion piece in the USA Today. The subject was the status of the Estate Tax, she’s for it.

…the estate tax is an expression of our deepest American values: that we live in a meritocracy, not an aristocracy; that every generation is a fresh start; and that we choose to build a society in which wealth and opportunity do not accrue to people simply for being born wealthy.

Walt and Roy embody those values: They started without two cents to rub together and made a million wishes come true.

Disney has not taken the hand the birthright lottery dealt her for granted. Her work as anti-poverty, social justice, Women’s rights philanthropist, and as a documentary filmmaker has made a mark of her own on the world. When someone like her speaks on this issue, I tend to listen.

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