Abigail Disney profiled by Forbes

If you’re not in the right circles you could go years without reading about Walt’s grandniece Abigail Disney. But if you’re in the social justice, philanthropy and documentary world, then Disney has really made her mark. Forbes magazine has a great interview and video with her where she discusses her philanthropy, film making, and the Disney family legacy:

When I went to Disney World with my kids, it was the first time I’d been there in 20 years. I saw a clean, safe town, with clean streets and good schools. I realized that this was [my grandfather’s] social good. He and Walt were maybe more conservative than me, but both lived their values.

Previously: Abigail Disney sells real estate for loss.

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  4. THANK YOU Abigail Disney for your editorial on the importance of Estate Taxation to the wealth and health of our country and our economy. Estate Taxation is one of the ways that to promote fairness in our system and ensure that we advance individually and collectively through Merit rather than Entitlement.

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