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100 vs 500 – Race to Dispatch from Disneyland Deadline

We’re now just 7 days away from the end of my Dispatch from Disneyland book crowd funding project over on Kickstarter. The initial goal has been reached, but there is a lot more that can be done with the book than what this minimal funding level will allow. Everything from illustration, audio books, ebooks and other ideas are on my list of upgrades that will be added as additional pledges are made. The best part is I can use the extra funds to support other talented artists in the Disney fan community.

Of course, I have another goal. Once the book is published, I’ll be counting on The Disney Blog community to help me spread the word. For instance, if you know of anyone who would be appropriate to receive a review copy, please drop me a line with their contact info. That could be you, if you have a blog, newsletter, column, etc.. The book should come out just in time for Holiday shopping, so that’s good timing.

As it stands right now, there have been sixty pledges made so far. I would love to get that number to 100 by the end of the campaign, September 4th at midnight. I also want to grow my online fan base over at Facebook. That seems to be where a lot of the action is taking place online these days. So I’m having a contest.

If either the Kickstarter Project gets to 100 pledges or The Disney Blog Facebook page reaches 500 fans/followers, then I’ll hold a ‘mystery box’ contest. In the mystery box is a bunch of various items I’ve collected from Press events, DVD reviews, and other Disney swag over the years. You’ll have to be a fan of The Disney Blog on Facebook to enter and I’ll give away at least a prize a day for a week!

Thanks to everyone who has supported this project with their pledges. It’s been a great month. Now it’s time to close it out with one last push to my Birthday and the deadline on September 4th.

See you at the parks!

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