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The Mad Hatter’s Take on new Alice safety rails

This video has been making the rounds for a few days. It shows Alice and the Mad Hatter inspecting the new look for the Alice in Wonderland attraction. It’s a good thing he’s mad, because I don’t think any other Disneyland Cast Member could get away with these comments.

If you haven’t seen the changes yet, the start of the video gives a good idea of what has been added. This change is just a temporary measure, eventually more permanent safety rails will be installed.

Will these changes affect your decision to ride Alice in the future?

9 thoughts on “The Mad Hatter’s Take on new Alice safety rails”

  1. The railing with the leaves looks much better than I thought it would, but the tarp looks terrible. I definitely hope they take that part down.

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  4. (Note: This comment is written with my Wii.) And that’s why he’s the “Mad” Hatter. Seriously though, I don’t mind the guard rails. As long as it doesn’t interfere with the ride’s storyline, fine by me. I won’t be visiting Disneyland anytime soon, so, I have yet to ride with the guard rails in place before reaching a final verdict. Now, if only they put a canopy over the teacups like the WDW version… Only time will tell.

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