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Interesting Toy Story Midway Mania Rumor

There have been more than a small number of complaints that the Disney’s Hollywood Studios attraction Toy Story Midway Mania went down for maintenance right in the middle of summer. Not just that, but with Toy Story 3 still raking in big bucks at the box office, you would expect the attraction to be open for guests to experience a little of that synergy Disney is so famous for. So there must be a very good reason for it to be down right now.

August is technically Value Season, so the lighter crowds is a good time make some changes in the parks. Plus, with Star Tours going down in September, it’s a good plan to make any updates to the TSMM right now.

But wait? Didn’t they just add a new game? Indeed they did. And they did that overnight. This refurbishment is something more serious.

How serious? The Disney Gossip blog reports that a cast member was injured earlier in the year and this refurb is to implement changes, ie gates, so that the same accident doesn’t occur again. They are now adding gates to the exit side of the loading dock. This will make sure that no guests or cast members could fall back into the track after the cars depart. My question is, how did Disney keep this so quiet? I don’t see anything about this injury on any boards.

The attraction is scheduled to return to operation August 28th, but check online to be sure it’s operating.

Updated to add news about gates on exit side.

9 thoughts on “Interesting Toy Story Midway Mania Rumor”

  1. I don’t know about the injury, but the refurb is in fact to add pneumatic gates at the exit. the real issue is with guests who are not clearing the yellow line in time. we knew of this when we first announced the refurb back in march. in fact, we were advised it was initially planned for april but got postponed.

  2. Ha! I was wondering about that today. It was pretty annoying, because I went down there at park opening specifically to ride this ride. That’s 40 minutes by bike.

    Oh well, safety first. As a new AP…I guess it’s just incentive to come back and get more value from my pass.

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  4. Gates are definitely needed on the exit side! A few months back, we were pulling back in to the unloading area when a kid, who had already exited, darted back toward the edge of the unloading platform. CM’s hit what I’m guessing is an emergency stop button and couldn’t “reboot” the system. A maintenance crew showed up and took about 30 minutes to get it up & running. The gates make perfect sense in that area.

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