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Dispatch from Disneyland: my book project.

When I first started writing the vignettes that were to become the Dispatch from Disneyland stories, my goal was simple — share some of the magic I felt when in the park with people who couldn’t be there. I was thankful that Doobie gave them a home on where they found an audience who seemed to appreciate them. Many suggested I collect them into a book.  Which is the goal of this new project.

I have been overwhelmed by the support the book has received so far. With four weeks to go we’re already at 85% of my initial goal. There is still a large chunk of help needed to close the final distance, but approaching the goal has allowed me to dream a little bit.  I want to add some special details, such as illustrations, and support the Disney fan community. As the goal gets closer I’ll start outlining what any additional funds will go to.

If you have already pledged, and I can’t say this enough, thank you. Everyone else please consider pre-ordering a copy or contributing at any level over on Kickstarter. It is super easy and will make a big difference in bringing “Dispatch from Disneyland: The Fireworks Spot and Other Tales” into the world where it can spread the magic of the park to more families.

Thank you.

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