Is Disneyland for Grown-ups?

It seems like every year some writer or another gets the assignment to visit Disneyland and write a story. More often than not that story takes the form of “how can a jaded reporter visit Disneyland and not come away even more cynical.” Here’s this year’s entry in that pantheon. It’s worth reading, if just to see what sort of information this reporter feels is necessary to communicate to those who may not visit Disneyland regularly. He definitely leaves off some of the big points.

As a kid I visited Disneyland once or twice a year until I turned 18. Then after college, I moved to Los Angeles just so I could be nearer the park. Eventually I found myself frequently at the gates of the happiest place on earth. I’ve never once not felt at least a little of the magic in my visits there as an adult.

What do you think? Is Disneyland for Grownups?

4 thoughts on “Is Disneyland for Grown-ups?”

  1. Disneyland is definitely for grown-ups! I love spending the day there with my kids, running from ride to ride, taking pictures with characters, and snacking through the park. But there is just something wonderful as an adult coming into the happiest place on earth. Walking under those arches and entering Main Street still gives me goose bumps. I slow down when I’m there with a friend. I take in all of the details that my children may not care to stop and notice. (Like the windows on Main Street or the delightful streets within New Orleans Square.) I may eat at a little bit nicer table service restaurant. I don’t feel compelled to rush to every ride but the ones I do ride still feel as magical to me as they ever have. Flying on Peter Pan? You bet! I love it. Folks that come into Disneyland looking for the flaws will find them if they look for them. I guess I’m just not one to look for the flaws. Plus you can’t treat Disneyland like it’s the fair or other amusement park. It’s a theme park and part of enjoying it is being immersed in those themes. I’ve heard it said that Disneyland is not meant to be chugalugged, but is meant to be sipped and enjoyed. When I go without my kids, that’s exactly what I do. Sip and enjoy.

  2. Definitely! I’m 42 and still stare, wide-eyed when I walk in the gate every 5 years or so. Of course, I use the benches more than I used to :)

  3. Jim Washburn is a great writer and I loved his article, which you seemed to lightly disparage. Disneyland can take a little ribbing. How about your silly premise for a blog post? Can it take it?

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