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Is Disneyland for Grown-ups?

It seems like every year some writer or another gets the assignment to visit Disneyland and write a story. More often than not that story takes the form of “how can a jaded reporter visit Disneyland and not come away even more cynical.” Here’s this year’s entry in that pantheon. It’s worth reading, if just to see what sort of information this reporter feels is necessary to communicate to those who may not visit Disneyland regularly. He definitely leaves off some of the big points.

As a kid I visited Disneyland once or twice a year until I turned 18. Then after college, I moved to Los Angeles just so I could be nearer the park. Eventually I found myself frequently at the gates of the happiest place on earth. I’ve never once not felt at least a little of the magic in my visits there as an adult.

What do you think? Is Disneyland for Grownups?