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Beauty and the Beast 3D theater release pushed back

A blog at the Hollywood Reporter talks about why it’s probably a good move for Disney to push back the theater release of the 3D upgrade to Beauty and The Beast. For one thing, they’re just releasing the 2D version on Blu-ray for the first time in October. So they don’t want to affect the box office by releasing it too close to that date. Another big reason is the general lack of homes that own 3D TVs. Disney is counting on a strong 3D Blu-Ray release for their movie. Postponing the theatrical release will give more families time to acquire a 3D TV.

2 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast 3D theater release pushed back”

  1. Really? they want to release Beauty and the Beast for 3D tv? I strongly dislike 3D in the movie theaters, and i hate that they’re bringing it into our homes. I hope that these sales shows Disney that people don’t want to buy a 3D DVD.

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