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Disneyland and Walt Disney World raising admission prices tomorrow

Every year about this time Disneyland and Walt Disney World have been raising their admission prices, sometimes for the second time in the same year. Why would they raise prices when the economy is still recovering? Because they can. The cost of a single day visit to any Florida theme park is still an incredible value when compared on a cost-per-hour basis with major sporting events and musical theater.

Probably more importantly, they raise the prices because they want to encourage guests to buy multiple day tickets, which drives down your cost of a daily visit, and ensures your return to the theme parks where you’ll spend a lot more money on dining and souvenirs than you would have on just a single day visit.

You can avoid the price increases by buying today at the lower price. Magic Your Way tickets won’t start until they’ve been redeemed. I particularly recommend this if you plan to visit WDW in the next year and use Magic Your Way tickets. The non-expiration option is going up the most making these tickets slightly less efficient, but still a good deal over all. If you know you’ll visit WDW ten days or more in the next few years you can buy your tickets today and save more than 20 dollars a day of the regular admission price. Those tickets never expire, so if the price goes up next year, you’ve saved even more money.

5 thoughts on “Disneyland and Walt Disney World raising admission prices tomorrow”

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  2. My family and I have gone to WDW many times and can afford the price but it is a sad day that Walt’s dream of an affordable family vacation is no more for many people.

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