Hump Day Humor

Congratulations, you made it to Wednesday. Here’s are a couple funny videos to get you over the hump and moving toward the weekend.

The Incredible Deflating President Lincoln

I don’t know about you, but that had me laughing for a good five minutes. Alas, that was an older model Audio-Animatronic, so don’t expect to see him malfunction in exactly that same way in the future.

Two more funny vids below the jump:

Wardrobe Malfunctions just don’t happen at the Super Bowl

Poor Beast!

Another wardrobe malfunction. Don’t know why these are so funny, but they are!

That’s it. I hope your funny bone has been tickled.

12 thoughts on “Hump Day Humor

  1. Amy

    Hahahhahahahhahaha, crying over here. Those were amazing. They just got funnier and funnier!!!

  2. Shannon

    As someone who has had a tail come off during a parade, those are hilarious and mortifying!
    Thank you for posting!

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  6. Queenofspoons

    These are funny, I don’t have a video of this, but beast from a Disney on Ice show I went too lost a strap on the back of his costume when Gaston stabbed him with a dagger, gaston was quick to pick it up.

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