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Dispatch from Disneyland: my exciting new project

For the last couple weeks, I’ve been hinting of an exciting new project. I’ve been working behind the scenes to get everything show ready and now I’m ready to draw back the curtain. “Dispatch from Disneyland: The Fireworks Spot and Other Tales” is a collection of short stories, essays, and rare trivia written in and about my favorite place on earth – Disneyland. I will be publishing this collection in a book in time for the holidays.

These stories came from a desire to share my favorite place on earth, Disneyland, with those who couldn’t regularly be at Disneyland as often as I could. Ironically, I now live thousands of miles away from the Happiest Place on Earth, so I’m my own target audience now.

I want this to be the best book it possibly can. A great book requires copy-editing, design, review copies, and some distribution fees. All that costs money, which is where I can use the support of the community.

I’m going the ‘Crowd Funding’ direction via to help me complete the last few steps of this journey. KickStarter is an all or nothing proposition. Either the crowd funds your project or no one’s card is charged. You won’t have to worry about refunds if the support isn’t there. However, I am confident the “Dispatch from Disneyland” project will reach it’s goal and when the project is funded, there are real tangible benefits you will receive.

What are those benefits? Besides knowing you’ve helped a member of the Disney community reach his dream, I’ve arranged a range of intriguing rewards.

I accept pledges of any amount, but if you’re willing to contribute just $10 you’ll get a premiere edition “The Disney Blog” button (this is the first button ever). At $20 you get a signed copy of the book once it’s published and your name on the thank you page. These “pre-orders” will make the difference in bringing this project to its completion and let you share in the final product. There are additional rewards for pledges above $20 too for those feeling especially generous.

Please become part of the project and help me push the “Dispatch from Disneyland” book over the finish line. I’ve set the crowd funding portion of the book project to end on my birthday, September 4th. So please help me have the most awesome birthday ever and pledge your support today. Thank you for your consideration.

6 thoughts on “Dispatch from Disneyland: my exciting new project”

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  2. Good luck John. If you ever need help with copy-editing, design or layout, let me know. I work in publishing, specifically layout and design, but also have some copy edit/editorial experience. I’ll also help spread the word…

    …just as long as I get to keep my similarly-framed Parters statue/castle blog logo :)

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