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Studio Ghibli Museum

A visit to the Studio Ghibli museum is definitely on my bucket list. The museum, which animation master Hayao Miyazaki created to showcase the art and architecture of his films, is located outside of Tokyo, Japan which makes it the perfect add-on to a trip to Tokyo Disneyland.

Mark from BoingBoing recently visited Tokyo and took a day to venture out to the suburbs for a visit to the museum. He’s posted a couple pictures (mostly exterior as inside photos are discouraged) and some insights into his trip.

1 thought on “Studio Ghibli Museum”

  1. that museum, I’m sorry to report, is overrated. We loved almost everything about Japan: the people, the culture, the history, the food, and almost all of the tourist destinations, but Studio Ghibli loses something in translation. It’s just not worth a half day detour.

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