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Woot! Professional Dress Standards change at Disney World

Woot! I can now work at Walt Disney World, professional staff dress regulations have been relaxed just a bit. For Men, Tommy Bahamas style shirts can now be worn (I have a closet full). This was pretty much an unofficial rule for VP levels and above (Jack Lindquist being the most famous example), but now it’s open to all professional employees (ie, those who aren’t wearing an on stage costume). For Women, pantyhose are now optional when wearing skirts. Capri’s and sleeveless blouses (with three inch straps) are also acceptable.

For me this is no where near as earth shaking as allowing men to have a mustache, nor as dramatic as the hair style changes that occurred in the 90s. The reality for Disney is that they must keep up with the fashion trends of other Fortune 500 companies. The rest of the business world has been relaxing dress standards for 10 years now, so it’s nice to see Disney getting with the times. I trust Disney to make sure their employees still dress ‘smart’ even if they’re a bit more comfortable while on the job now.

(via Orlando Sentinel)