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World of Color Premiere a Hit

Last night the Disneyland Resort premiered it’s new World of Color water show at it’s California Adventure gate. There were the usual celebrities, high ranking executives from the company, and a phalanx of media. The event was also live streamed for the benefit of those who couldn’t be there in person. Ustream reported over 9300 viewers at the height of the internet live broadcast.

I couldn’t be there, but I have enjoyed seeing some photos and interviews from the ‘blue’ carpet from AllEarsDeb, On the Red Carpet, Theme Park Insider, LaughingPlace and LaughingPlace‘s always excellent full coverage.

Tonight were the first three shows for the general public. Normally they’d just offer two shows a night, but with all the fast pass gone by 10:45AM, Disney decided to add a third show tonight. Since there are no actors or fireworks to be reloaded, just a computer program to reboot, this is something Disney might find itself repeating often if the demand is there.

So what does this mean for California Adventure?

World of Color is just one part of an expensive plan (more than what it cost to build the park int the first place) to fix what is a fundamentally broken theme park. Adding new attractions and a reason to stay late in the park are steps along the right path, that’s for sure. But the park continues to lack the one thing that’s most important – interestingness.

A park about California in California will forever have a dimmer presence than a “Magic Kingdom”, especially when the very prototype of that park is less than 500 feet away. Changing the name for branding or trademark reasons to ‘Disney California Adventure’ instead of the possessive “Disney’s” certainly ain’t gonna do it.

I don’t want to rain on World of Color’s parade; it certainly is an impressive show and will no doubt be a big draw competing with Fantasmic for guest attention for as long as Disneyland Resort is willing to fund both shows. But I wish the people who hold the purse strings for Disneyland had the sand to fix the real problem instead of burying it under more California themed attractions. The park is sinking in quicksand and instead of throwing it a rope and pulling it out, they just pile on more sand.