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Was World of Color remix a Pogo tribute?

Those who watched the live streamed coverage of World of Color premier were treated to a 2 minute video that remixed favorite moments related to color from Disney animation and live action films. Some wondered if it was a remix by internet artist Pogo, whose work you’ve seen before on this blog. (See his youtube account for more.)

While the person who created this piece for Dinsey may admire the work Pogo does, I don’t know, they didn’t lift the idea from him. Pogo uses ‘beats’ (very short moments) from the film to recreate songs/music from the film. The piece that was remixed for World of Color had it’s own music and animation that wasn’t drawn from the show’s beats. It was more of a traditional ‘remix’.

In fact, here it is on youtube:

5 thoughts on “Was World of Color remix a Pogo tribute?”

  1. I’ve read that Disney hired Pogo to work on the music for Glow Fest at California Adventure, so I would assume that they didn’t “lift” his music for the opening presentation either.

  2. The mouse is only interested in your money! Went to California Adventure to see the lightshow tonight…they failed to mention anywhere that the seating is limited just like fast pass distribution….and although they definitely staffed for the massive crowd they shut down all the rides and attractions! So basically they let thousands and thousands of people into the park (all parking lots at or near capacity) then shut down all the attractions…so the only thing to do was the light show but only a very limited number of people were allowed close enough to see it…in fact they blocked off the main walkway through the park right where the farmers market and wine cellars are…we expected it to be packed but to be cut out of half the park and have litterally nothing to do over there after making it all the way in was unbelieveable…if disney were a restaurant and a guest had an experience anywhere near the one thousands of us had tonight the meal would be comp’d and theyd be writing gift certificates in hopes that youd give them another shot and not blast the place on the Internet…the only conclusion to draw is that they wanted it the way it was…like I said they weren’t caught off guard by the crowd…far from it…they were over staffed to make sure no one without a pass could see anything…I guess if disney can get the people to come out and they cant see the show or enjoy the attractions theyll still make sick revenue off the parking and concessions…so they don’t say a word online, in the lots, or even at the gates…real bad way to treat people and there’s nothing you can do about it except whine online about what a complete waste of time you were dealt…not a good time! if you were planning on going over and seeing the new show trust me when I say…save your gas time and money!!    

  3. I think that Disney could do a better job of getting the word out that if you don’t have a fast pass you won’t be able to see the show. At least from the front, I’m told the rear view from Paradise Pier is open to those without fast passes, but that area probably fills up early too. Additionally, this whole thing of closing all the attractions because WoC technically starts after the park is closed is so much manure.

    But it’s not really practical to expect Disneyland to say don’t come unless you have a fast pass. So they’re doing the best they can by offering a dance party and good crowd control. And for now, if you want to see the show, expect to get their early in the morning for a fast pass or buy a food package that includes a fast pass.

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