Court Case threatens Disney’s thrill rides

Jason Garcia reports on a 12 year old case that’s finally having its day in court. the case pits the Walt Disney Company against a park guest who claims that the Walt Disney World Tower of Terror attraction caused him to have a stroke. As Jason points out this isn’t about any malfunction, but rather is an attempt by the plaintiff to force Disney to maintain a higher standard of care for its guests.

Disney, of course, claims they’re already meeting and exceeding safety standards and that the guest’s injuries were the result of contributing factors other than his trip on the elevator ‘free-fall’ attraction.

The lawyer in the case was successful in a similar lawsuit against Disneyland in California that forced Disney to meet a ‘common carrier’ standard of care in its attractions. That gives me cause to be concerned said lawyer will be successful in Florida as well.

However, even if he is, you won’t see Disney suddenly closing down its thrill rides. Instead there will just be more warnings before you get to ride and Disney will continue to work to meet and exceed all safety standards. That’s exactly what happened in Anaheim.

More at the Orlando Sentinel.

1 thought on “Court Case threatens Disney’s thrill rides”

  1. I actually hope that he will be successful, I live out by Disneyland and after that law suit you could see the improvements in safety. I wish Florida’s equivalent to DOSH would be given the authority to shut rides down, like they have out here in California when safety standards aren’t met. There does need to be some oversight by an outside agency, I think the recent string of transportation accidents proves this (again out here DOSH would handle that as well).

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