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Ben Franklin at Walt Disney World

It’s tax day and Foxxfur is regaling us with stories of one of Founding Fathers and his place at Walt Disney World. Well make that places. And make that a portrait of Ben Franklin which it is believed was painted by Disney legend Marc Davis.

If you look carefully above the fireplace in what is now the George & Martha Washington Room inside the Liberty Tree Tavern, you can see a framed portrait of Ben Franklin, and I am 99% certain that it is the exact same portrait that hangs in the Hall of Presidents today. When the Liberty Tree Tavern’s interior was redone in the 1990’s to give each of its’ rooms a specific theme, for whatever reason this painting was selected to migrate across the street to the Hall of Presidents, where it remains to this day.

I’m going to have to take a closer look this weekend.

(via Passport to Dreams)